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On the Beer Trail: Bridge Brew Works Trubell in West Virginia

After thirty minutes of trading jokes, the five of us were sneaking into Konrad's shop for an after-hours "late night snack." The place was a wonderland. Before me were beers upon beers stacked upon beers: strange local experiments; new and retired Chatoe Rogue ales; rare Belgian dubbels; and scores from my home state of New York, such as Southern Tier's imperial Pumking. They had it all. More

Hot Dog of the Week: Yann's Hot Dogs from Fairmont, West Virginia

A few months ago, I took a hot dog tour of West Virginia (the northern part of the state at least) and one of my main goals was finally trying the infamous Yann's. Known as the "hot dog nazi", Russell Yann serves up hot dogs from a tiny eight-seat shack with no hours and no sign, and a barebones menu of hot dogs, pepperoni rolls and "white" or "brown" bottles of milk. There's something magical going on with these hot dogs. More

Hangover Helper: Home Fries with Hamburger Gravy at Royal Restaurant in Keyser, West Virginia

Coming down out of the mountains after 5 days of camping, whiskey, and Old German lager I found myself in Keyser, West Virginia in desperate need of breakfast. We stumbled upon the Royal Restaurant, a local place covered in wood paneling, motorcycle art, and old soda signs, empty except for a table of local old timers reading the paper and looking at us like we were from Mars. More

Take a Hot Dog Tour of West Virginia

Every small town in West Virginia seems to have at least a handful of crazy little hot dog shacks—many of which double as coffeeshops or video poker parlors—that pride themselves not on high quality frankfurters, but on the spiciness of the homemade chili or creaminess of their slaw. More

4 Nut Festivals Across the Country

Food festivals are part of America's agricultural roots—local communities coming together to celebrate their local cash crop, often at the end of the harvest season. If you're looking for some good old-fashioned nutty fun this fall, check out these nut-celebrating festivals. More

Hot Dog Of The Week: Slaw Dog

"Slaw dogs can be found all over West Virginia, in dedicated hot dog joints, drive-ins, bars, delis, and old-fashioned dairy bars." Past Weeks' Dogs Puka DogThe Philly ComboTijuana DogsTexas WeinersFlo's Hot Dogs, Cape Neddick, Maine Two weeks ago I had my first real Slaw Dog at Martie's in Keyser, West Virginia. I wasn't expecting much from a hot dog joint on a half abandoned strip of shops in the middle of nowhere. But walking into the colorful diner-style counter decorated with old deli signs and hundreds of bottles of hot sauce, complete with a chest of ice cold beer and a smoke-filled video poker parlor in the back, I knew I had come to the right place. My hot dog... More

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