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Where to Drink Cocktails in West Seattle

Drinks Naomi Bishop Post a comment

West Seattle's bridge-induced isolation has led it to harbor a secret stash of cocktail bars turning out top-notch drinks at astonishingly cheap prices. Here's our guide to where to go and what to drink. More

Phoenecia: The Mightiest Crust in Seattle

Slice Adam Lindsley 17 comments

When I heard that a joint in West Seattle serves pizza with a cornicione that could give Mozza's a run for its money, I double-timed it to Phoenecia to find out if it tasted as good as it looked. As it turns out, it did. More

Giannoni's in Seattle Does New York City Proud

Slice Adam Lindsley 15 comments

If first impressions counted for everything in the omnibus of American pizzerias, then Giannoni's would barely register as a footnote. Crammed between a Sally Beauty Supply and a Taco Del Mar in the Westwood Village Shopping Center, with a full battalion of soccer mom minivans and SUVs parked out front, you would not be faulted for mistaking Giannoni's for a knockoff of some national chain like Round Table or Papa John's. The modest interior is minimally decorated with a definite slant toward the utilitarian, save for some stylish graffiti on one wall and two ancient arcade cabinets. But once a piping hot pie hits your table and you dig in, any aesthetic crime committed by the prosaic architecture is forgiven. More

Charbroiled Perfection at Zippy's Giant Burgers in Seattle, WA

A Hamburger Today Adam Lindsley 11 comments

Zippy's Giant Burgers makes classic burgers elevated by house-ground beef. Seasoned only with salt and pepper and left to sizzle on the grill until the outside of the ground neck-off chuck roll forms a dark, crunchy shell, this is a burger to be emulated at your next summer cookout. More

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