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5 South-of-the-Border Cocktail Recipes From West of Pecos in San Francisco

"I've gone through all that barrel-aging, tincture crap—and it doesn't necessarily make the drinks taste better," says bar manager Brent Butler. "I wanted to simplify things a bit. The drinks should have clean, strong flavors, but shouldn't require a dissertation." This attitude makes them perfect cocktails to make at home—they don't require too many ingredients (or that dissertation), but prove to be flavorful, delicious, and unique. More

Cortez the Killer from West of Pecos

Cortez the Killer from San Francisco's West of Pecos is "a spin on a Manhattan: a tequila Manhattan," bar manager Brent Butler told us. The blend of reposado tequila, Bonal Quinquina, and white creme de cacao lend a surprisingly rich, woody depth to the tequila drink, cut nicely by the tang of lemon oil, courtesy of a flaming rind (a simple lemon twist will work as well). More

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