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Clever Boozer

[Photographs: The Daily What] Always wanted an office liquor cabinet but were afraid your boss would catch you? Study this and then go on a Staples run. [via BuzzFeed]... More

Possibly the Coolest Sport Ever: Cheese-Rolling

Photograph from cheese-rolling.co.uk I'm not the most outdoorsy person, but this is a competition I can get behind. Every year on Cooper's Hill in Gloucester, England, a cheese-rolling race is held. No, it isn't a race between different rounds of cheese—it is something much better: One round of cheese is rolled down the hill and participants chase after it. Last year our cheese correspondent Jamie Forest wrote about 2008's winner and the cheese used in the race. You can see photos from this year's race, which took place on May 25, in today's post at The Big Picture from The Boston Globe. The tradition has been going for for at least 200 years and is always growing in popularity.... More

In Videos: Eat Your Vegetables Song in 'Making Fiends' Animation

Singing animated vegetables really complicate the issue of eating more vegetables. They're just soo cute. Especially the family of singing pea pods. In this animated series called Making Fiends, which started as a web show and will premiere this Saturday on Nickelodeon, Charlotte is sick of seeing her cafeteria's usual spread of beef jerky, clams, and grape punch. She needs more vegetables. While she gets her chorus of carrots, bananas, and broccoli promoting the message: "eat vegetables with every meal or your lips will start to peel," of course, she can't actually eat them. Adorability factor interferes. Making Fiends is from the same creator of Muffin Films, the series of muffin shorts where anthropomorphized muffins do muffin dances and... More

Hot Beef Sundaes in Lincoln, Nebraska

Photograph by Matt Stoller. Beef and sundaes—individually delicious, but together? En route to the Republican National Convention, Matt of Open Left spotted this not-so-appetizing sign in Lincoln, Nebraska. The hot beef sundae includes: golden mashed potatoes covered with roasted beef, aged cheddar, more spuds, gravy (an homage to caramel syrup?), more cheese, and a slice of buttered toast. The cherry tomato plays the part of the maraschino cherry. [via The Washington Note]... More

CrazyPC 5.25-Inch Bay Toaster

We're all familiar with gamers who never leave their computer stations. However, is this new hard drive toaster taking it a bit too far for those gamers who "crave toast"? The toaster fits in a standard 5.25 inch bay on your PC tower, and includes software for adjusting temperature as well as a "crumb tray for easy cleanup". Last I checked, gamers don't eat dry toast. This means you'll still need to trek over to the fridge for some butter or jam. Lucky for you, Mac users, your version is on the way. No word on if you'll be able to attach to your laptop. Oh, and don't forget--bread not included. [via The Presurfer]... More

What's Better than Tom Selleck? A Tom Selleck Cake!

Not sure what type of birthday cake to get the Tom Selleck fan in your life? And you're fine with staring at multiple photos of him shirtless for the cause? Blogger Alicia of Alicia Poicia realized that only this gooey chocolate toffee cake could rival Selleck himself. And only chocolate sprinkles could rival actual chest hair. (The pink flowers were also a nice touch.) "I have never made a cake that was so well received and complimented...and my friend truly did have and happy (and hairy) birthday." Emma is one lucky lady. [via Craftzine]... More

Food Party: Online Cooking Show Bizarreness

Food Party is a web show inside creator Thu Tran's fantastical kitchen where canned cheese sits on cupboard shelves, plates talk, and an ice cream sock puppet is the authority figure. Outside, donut orchards fill the land. It's so frightening, yet so hard to look away. Do we want to be invited to this party? Maybe if drugs were involved. [via Metafilter]... More

Photo of the Day: Individually-Wrapped Bananas, Freaking Us Out

Fruit should never be wrapped in a tray meant for ground beef. Especially bananas. This excessive packaging is just ludicrous, unless there are people who actually eat peels and want them super sterile. Also, who's in the back on wrap duty? An intern? Since Flickr user alison*h spotted this madness in Dundee, Scotland the grocery store started applying sticky labels directly to bananas. [via Food-Notes] Related What's Your Banana IQ? Bananas Scaring Atheists Elderly Woman Lip-Synching to Chiquita Banana Song... More

In Videos: Celebrating July Fourth on 'Star Trek'

Have an out-of-this-world Fourth of July with the help of your favorite spacefaring crew of the original Star Trek series. Knock back some space beers and rock out with this catchy song about how the Enterprise celebrates the holiday: "We've got space burgers and fries all over the place / Independence Day is even more fun in space." It may not make much sense, but who cares when you have space burgers? Watch the video after the jump.... More

What Does This Chicken Nugget Say to You, Hm?

From left: God's beard, the Cockpit of Flight #815, and a beauty-marked Cindy Crawford, according to Top10Kid. Evaluating the psyche should involve less ink blots, more chicken nuggets. What do you see in this amorphous blob? "God's beard? So you think God has facial hair, eh? Innnn-ter-est-ing." See what else the blog Top10Kid saw in an average 10-piece McNugget meal. Number two in the above series reveals a special love for the television series Lost. What wacky shapes have you seen in your nuggets? (Not that you ever eat nuggets, or anything.)... More

Candy Design Gone Wrong

Talk about unintended consequences. I'm sure some candy designer—now there's a job I'd like to have—sat down, looked at a picture of a lighthouse, and did his or her best to render it in the form of a candy mold or whatever it is they use to make gummi shapes. The candy company spends all this money, cranks up production, and when all is said and done, creates a shape that could be interpreted as suggestive, offensive, or both. Don't see the risqué shape in the image at right? See the one below, after the jump. Possibly NSFW or for delicate sensibilities.... More

Craigslist Bacon Costume Still Looking for Good Home

This Washington, D.C.-based Craigslist ad for a homemade felt bacon costume, priced at a reasonable $10, somehow went ignored last weekend. The creator and seller says it's still available, and she's even extending the former "must pick-up today" (June 21) deadline to the first week of July. Why didn't anybody in the nation's capital, home of pork, want a lifesize bacon suit, so fuzzy and fastened together with velcro? The head hole ideally works for a five-foot-six bod, but one size can fit most. Even you, the grass-fed vegetarian. (It's just felt, not real pig meat.) Related Baconwrapt Scarf Bacon Brassiere (NSFW) Eat Your Salad From a Bacon Bowl... More

Muffin Films

Good morning, serious eaters! For your pixelated breakfast this morning, we bring you this batch of animated muffin films, which is truly bizarre and strangely compelling. From muffin-alien invaders to peer-pressure-wielding muffins, this even dozen of shorts makes for a nice diversion before you really get down to the day's work at hand.... More

Pet Sweat: Only in Japan, Kids

Photograph from Kellyhyde on Flickr What I'm guessing is that, as a commenter says on the page that this photo appears on, is that this is simply a version of the Japanese sports drink Pocari Sweat that's marketed for people to give to their pets. Yes, Pocari Sweat itself is a zany name, but as you know, you can never account for translation.... More

Bon Jovi Tea Set

Or, 'It's My Tea, and It's Now or Never' Photograph from Niemster on Flickr Yes, it's a Jon Bon Jovi teapot. Your Earl Grey never knew it could rock so hard.... More

The OctoDog Hot Dog Converter, Reviewed

Photograph courtesy of Cia_B The OctoDog is a zany little plastic contraption that converts ordinary everyday hot dogs into octopus-lookin' works of ... edible art? Blogger Cia_B recently got her hands on one and puts it to the test here. I especially like the photo she took (above), comparing an octofied wiener to the real thing. Brilliant. OctoDog, $16.95 plus shipping, from OctoDog.net... More

Pringles Can Inventor Buried in Pringles Can

From the Cincinnati Enquirer: Dr. Fredric J. Baur was so proud of having designed the container for Pringles potato crisps that he asked his family to bury him in one.His children honored his request. Part of his remains was buried in a Pringles can—along with a regular urn containing the rest—in his grave at Arlington Memorial Gardens in Springfield Township....He developed many products, including frying oils and a freeze-dried ice cream, for P&G. The ice cream was patented and marketed, but didn't catch on. "Basically, what you did, you added milk to it, put it in the freezer and you had ice cream," said his son Lawrence J. Baur of Stevensville, Mich. "That was another one he was proud of... More

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