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Fish-and-Chip-Flavored Ice Cream

Sweets Adam Kuban 18 comments

The UK's Fredericks Dairies is rolling out a fish and chip–flavored ice cream this week as "an homage to our favourite national dish." The company says the ice cream "will be a taste of the British seaside in a lick." Vanilla and pepper batter surrounds "creamed cod fillet ice cream." Paired with potato ice cream chips and served with salt and vinegar seasoning and wedges of lemon. On a bed of newspaper, of course. Too strange for you, SE'rs? What's the weirdest ice cream flavor you've ever eaten? More

What's the Weirdest Sandwich You Make?

Carey Jones 146 comments

At Serious Eats World Headquarters last week, the conversation turned to sandwiches (as it so often does). I thought I'd made some strange sandwiches in my life, but intern Faye had us all beat: goat cheese, cream cheese, olive tapenade, chipotle paste, and black truffle oil on sourdough. (Yikes.) What's the weirdest sandwich you make? More

Pizza Hummus from Tribe

Faye Leong 21 comments

Pizza hummus? You may feel confused. So did I. The concept itself is a bit unsettling. The label, which boasts "Kid Approved!" betrays Tribe's likely motive: seems like health-conscious mothers have had little success convincing their kids that chickpea paste is better to eat than pizza. More

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