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Video: New Skittles Ad, Cute Cat and Weird Man Involved

Check out this new Skittles "Touch The Rainbow" commercial and prepare to be cuted-out, followed by totally weirded-out. I honestly wish the commercial was just the first half but for much longer. As it stands, it reminds me of the weird Burger King "Creepy King" ads. Enough with the creepiness already—bring on more cute, please! You all with me here? Watch the video and decide. More

Video: Japanese Cup Noodle Commercial with Cheese and Pepper Aliens

It's the same old story: One moment you're just sitting in the forest under a light snowfall while enjoying a cup of Milk Seafood Cup Noodles, then Cheese and Pepper aliens suddenly jump out from behind the trees and shoot cheese and pepper out of their fingertips and into your cup. Soon your screams of horror turn into gushes of gastronomic delight. Thus is the magic of Cheese and Pepper aliens. And instant noodles. More

How to Make a Steve Jobs Cheese Head

Carve Steve's head out of a block of mozzerella, add some black pepper for hair, stick on a pair of glasses, and you've got the perfect centerpiece for your iPad launch party. Check out the instructions for making a Steve Jobs Cheese Head and suggestions for how to serve it at The Cooks' Den. More

Video: Weird IHOP Commercial (1969)

This IHOP commercial from 1969 features everything you love about America's favorite house of pancakes: happy family members running in slow motion while carrying giant clusters of balloons, a voiceover that sounds like a chipmunk, unappetizing-looking food...wait, what? More

Buy a Home, Get Pork and Beans

[Image: The Daily Herald] For the not-very-discerning home buyer easily swayed by canned food, Consumerist reports that Clayton Homes in Tennessee is wooing buyers with the offer of a free can of pork and beans with purchase of a house (the ad is viewable at The Daily Herald). It's only valid until December 31, so you better get that home now. Or else you'll have to go to a supermarket. [via Neatorama]... More

Video: Crappy Canadian Thanksgiving with Ellen Page and Justin Long

Welp, it's that time of the year again. Crappy Canadian Thanksgiving. In this pretty twisted video, Canadian actress Ellen Page celebrates with the typical poutine, Degrassi, and a little too much Canadian Club. But what did her pals, including that harmless-looking Justin Long, really mean by coming over for dinner. Yeah, that was the twisted part. Watch the video after the jump.... More

Collection of Stuck Tic Tacs

[Photographs: Flip Flop Flyin'] Craig Robinson of Flip Flop Flyin collects many things that you do not, such as stuck Tic Tacs. Revel in their sad existence of confinement that no amount of hard shaking can free them from. [via presurfer] Related: Weird Food-Related Collections... More

Photo of the Day: Buddha-Shaped Pears

[Photograph: Central European News] I'd feel funny chomping into the head of one of these Buddha-shaped pears, but they're popular in their home city of Hexia, China. Farmer Gao Xianzhang spent six years perfecting his Buddha pear-making craft, resulting in this season's crop of 10,000 pears, each one grown in its own mold. The price of one of these cute pears? About $8. Related Finally! A Heart-Shaped Watermelon Spherical Is Out: Human-Shaped is In... More

Finally! A Heart-Shaped Watermelon

[Photograph: Weird Asia News] If the square watermelon concept still kind of blows your mind, this will straight explode it. A Japanese farmer and his wife have cultivated a heart-shaped watermelon. "It was an act of love for the couple where they wanted the fruit of their labor to symbolize their feelings for each other," according to Weird Asia News. Each fruit, which took three years to perfect, is going for 15,750 yen ($160). Related Photo of the Day: Cute Teeth Eating Watermelon Pickled watermelon [Talk] Watermelon, Feta, and Arugula Salad... More

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