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The Urban Gardener: How to Fight Weeds Naturally

Lauren Rothman 14 comments

Here's an organic technique that actually prevents weeds from growing by smothering them under layers of wet newspaper and dry grass clippings. It's simple and effective, not to mention inexpensive. More

Video: Wild Edibles

Daniel Klein 10 comments

It's an amazing thing to walk down the street and to pick up a weed or a flower and eat it; it's a skill that I started off knowing little about, but have come to appreciate more and more. This episode of The Perennial Plate explores some of the common edibles that you may see around town or in the woods—and shows you how to cook some of the greens. More

Eat Your Weeds: Tips for Picking and Cooking Dandelions

Leslie Kelly 13 comments

Dandelions are delicious and so dang nutritious that they make super foods look like wimps. Here are some tips on picking and cooking them from foraging expert Langdon Cook. More

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