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Photo of the Day: In-N-Out Wedding

How to serve food at a wedding that people will be excited about: rent an In-N-Out truck to cater your wedding. For her wedding back in 2008, photographer Ashley Rose hired an In-N-Out "Cookout Trailer" to serve her guests burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches. (She also hired a caterer for fries—unavailable from the In-N-Out trailer—and other sides.) Read more details on her blog and check out In-N-Out's website for full specifications. More

From Serious Eats Talk: Sophisticated Wedding Pizza?

[jsmooth995 on Flickr] This is a really great thread on Serious Eats Talk. I relate to it because I myself am planning a wedding. (Yes, there is pizza involved at mine.) I'll let Lisa Starr take it away and then give you the link so you can go give her advice: There's no way I could ever really describe my love for pizza. Saying it's my favorite food is a serious understatement. And for all of the pizza snobs — I do in fact enjoy it in every form — I grew up in a really poor household where... More

Video: 'Waffle-y Wedded Wife'

This made it to the front page of Yahoo on Sunday, so it's probably made the rounds—apologies if you've seen it. I guess I've been living under a rock because I hadn't yet. Anyway, it's obvious the groom had breakfast on his mind rather than his wedding. If it's early where you live, careful with the volume. The bride gets shrieky. Video, after the jump.... More

Photo of the Day: 'Back to the Future' Wedding Cake

Photograph from snoboogie on Flickr You really want a red velvet cake for your wedding, but you also want a model of the town square from Back to the Future? No problem: here's a Back to the Future-themed red velvet cake, brought to you by Caryn's Cakes. [via BuzzFeed] Related Photo of the Day: Pac-Man Wedding Cake Photo of the Day: Super Mario Kart Wedding Cake Photo of the Day: M&M Candy Wedding Cake... More

Photo of the Day: Pac-Man Wedding Cake

Photograph from hello_naomi on Flickr Newcastle, Australia-based baker Naomi, creator of many cute and unique cupcake designs, made this awesome Pac-Man wedding cake out of 80 cupcakes. (Whether or not the rest of the wedding was Pac-Man themed is unknown.) To order your own cupcakes, visit hello naomi. [via Unique Daily] Related Photo of the Day: Robot Cupcakes Super Mario Cupcakes Photo of the Day: Sweet Cupcakes... More

In Videos: Taco Bell Wedding

Illinois couple Paul and Caragh Brooks were married Friday evening at Taco Bell. Wedding favors included Taco Bell hot-sauce packets that read "Will you marry me?" Said Paul Brooks: "We're a little bit of an offbeat couple, so we figured that we wanted to have an offbeat ceremony, and Taco Bell is the closest thing we have to a church, so ... this is where we like to hang out; this is where we wanted to do it." Video, after the jump.... More

Waffle House Wedding in Georgia

"Waffle House is as much a part of our lives as our kids are," said the bride in this artistically rich multimedia slideshow from the Gwinnett Daily Post in Georgia. She's been working with her now groom at the iconic Southern chain for almost three years, so when he had to work on the wedding day, she knew it was the fated venue. Like Dan Dickinson of the blog VJArmy, I am so entranced by this. The colors, the love, and the thought of having celebratory grits and hash browns. Related: With this slice, I thee wed... More

Bridal Pizza

Photograph from TrespassersWill on Flickr Saw this photo on the Eater blog today. It's titled "Pizza for the Bride" on the Flickr page it comes from, but if you view the largest size, you don't necessarily see her eating pizza. Funny enough, this isn't the first pizza-related wedding item we've had on Slice. Check it out: slice.seriouseats.com/tags/weddings... More

I Do, I Doughnut

This is what happens when two dudes get married and (sorta) plan their reception: no worries about catering costs, seating arrangements, or DJs. Just an easy trip to the doughnut shop. Related: Same-Sex Weddings Lead to Same-Sex Wedding Cakes... More

Grimaldi's Wedding

A letter from a reader ... Dear Adam, I keep up with Slice via bloglines and it dawned on me that you should know my wedding story because it ended with fabulous Grimaldis! Scott and I were married on Friday, July 13th in the city-owned part of Brooklyn Bridge Park. We invited a dozen guests and the Reverend Billy and his wife. Dinner was fantastic and I wouldn't have had it any other way (I was a little nervous since it was my first time at Grimaldi's place).... More

Why Wedding Food Sucks

As wedding season gets into full swing, Regina Schrambling asks the question on many wedding guests' minds: "Why is the food at weddings so bad?" There are the obvious constraints: budget, number of guests, and those applied by venue (house catering only), but perhaps the real reason is less obvious: Weddings are the rare party not given for the guests. Even birthdays take participants into account more, possibly because pomp and ceremony are not allowed to spiral out of control. Instead weddings are a celebration of the hosts' fantasies, dreams, and ultimately, their competitive streaks—what couple does not want the extravaganza to end all extravaganzas? Girls who spend their whole lives dreaming of being brides see everything around them as... More

Pie Do!

The coolest wedding reception EVER. Only in New York, kids. Only in New York. Photograph from Flickr member jsmooth995, via Nicholas Tang. Quintessential New York: Wedding Pizza [HipHopMusic.com]... More

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