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'This Is Why You're Huge' Picks Up Where 'This Is Why You're Fat' Left Off

Earlier this month This Is Why You're Fat—a food site (that later scored a book deal) on the cutting-edge of seven-pound breakfast burritos, Turbaconucken (a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey, all wrapped in bacon), doughnut bacon burgers, and other foods "where dreams become heart attacks"—disappeared, just like that. But it was only a matter of time before This is Why You're Huge, an unaffiliated but same-minded source for all things multi-thousand calories, would come along and fill the void. Note: not fat, but huge. And this is why. More

Various Websites Described as Food

The blog Firmuhment uses food as a metaphor in describing various websites, some of which you may be familiar with: Twitter: A box of Crackerjacks without a prize in it.Dooce: A peanut butter and jelly with the crusts cut off and several gin and tonics on the side, no ice. Gawker: A stick of rock candy so hard that it breaks your teeth. Lifehacker: A steak cooked by someone who doesn't like steak very much but is very interested in the quickest and most efficient ways to cook steak. What, no Serious Eats? Hmmph. [via BuzzFeed]... More

'Gourmet, Unbound,' an Online Celebration of the Magazine

Gourmet, Unbound is an online crowdsourcing project started by a few food bloggers (including our own Serious Beer columnist Maggie Hoffman), where Gourmet mourners can gather and reminisce about favorite recipes. Each month the site's editors post a roundup of recipe submissions. Their mantra: "They can kick us out of their offices. But they can't kick us out of our kitchens."... More

Thanksgiving Talk with Food52's Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs

[Photograph: Sarah Shatz] Each week Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs host recipe contests revolving around specific foods (everything from pancakes to lamb) on their site Food52. After testing the recipes, they announce the two tastiest finalists and the community votes on the winner. Naturally, they've been focusing on Thanksgiving lately. Elbow-deep in stuffing preparation, they paused to chat with us and share some of their favorite recipes for Thanksgiving sides, including celeriac puree, glazed brussels sprouts with browned butter and cream, potato leek au gratin, and pink greens. With Food52 in its first year, how did you two plan to attack Thanksgiving coverage? Merrill and Amanda: Well, we decided very quickly not to do turkey. It's such a personal... More

iVillage Knocks off the Chick-fil-A Lettering?

Silicon Alley Insider points us to the redesigned logo for iVillage, the interactive women's website. Hmm, why does it make us suddenly crave chicken sandwiches and waffle fries from a mall food court? All they forgot was the feather crest and beak. Related Chick-fil-A [Talk] Chick-fil-A's Chick-n-Minis Chick-fil-A vs. McDonald's Southern Style Chicken... More

Save the Food Words

Save the Words is a website looking out for the underdog words—the less-loved ones that could be dropped from the English language just like that. If you'd like future generations to be able to casually drop mowburnt (adjective; crops spoiled by becoming overheated) or riviation (noun; fishing), then click around on this nifty site and be a word savior. My favorite is ficulnean (adjective: worthless information regarding fig-tree wood). The digital adoption paperwork doesn't look too tough but it's unclear what special powers you're granted once you successfully adopt, say, ficulnean. Related Some New Food Words for Merriam-Webster's Dictionary Quote of the Day: Donut vs. Doughnut Spelling New Food Words in 2009 AP Stylebook... More

Videos: A Preview of Amanda Hesser's "Food 52" Website, Plus a Tour of Her Kitchen

In May, there was a blip on the radar that former New York Times Magazine food editor (and current Recipe Redux contributor) Amanda Hesser—along with food writer and recipe-tester Merrill Stubbs—would be launching a new site called Food 52. Looks like they're beta-testing now—and that you can sign up for an invitation once it launches: Food52.com. But what really caught our eye today is that Hesser and Stubbs seem to have quietly started uploading to a Vimeo account, which is full of what appear to be test videos—along with a couple great nuggets: an introduction to the Food 52 concept, and a video tour of Amanda Hesser's envy-inducing kitchen—complete with the now-customary refrigerator-baring. Watch both, after the jump.... More

Hunch.com Answers Some of Your Most Vexing Food-Related Questions

Hunch, a new website co-founded by former Flickrista Caterina Fake, is a flowchartlike tool designed to help you come to a decision after asking you a series of questions. Hunch is in beta now, but you can sign up for an invitation to check it out. The first thing I did once I got my account (my invitation arrived within a day) was check out the food-related topics on the site (after the jump).... More

StillTasty Answers Questions About Food Preservation

If you're not sure if that old pizza is safe to eat or want to know how long those cold cuts will stay fresh in your fridge, visit StillTasty, the "Ultimate Shelf Life Guide." Browse ten categories of food products to find their lifespans, or check out their Q & A for answers to more specific questions. [via Tasting Table]... More

New Citysearch Site, '3 Buck Bites,' for Finding Cheap Eats

3 Buck Bites, Citysearch's new cheap-eats finder, is a good concept: a directory of tasty meals for $3.99 or less, with recommendations coming from Citysearch editors nationwide and from readers. It's not necessarily a new concept, though; Cheap Ass Food has been mining this ground for a few years now. Like Cheap Ass Food, 3 Buck Bites has a cheeky attitude and looks like it might be a fun place to find your next inexpensive lunch, dinner, or snack. But it's a little difficult to navigate.... More

National Geographic Launches 'Foods of the World' Site; Not Impressed

Want to learn about exotic foods in faraway places on the new National Geographic "Foods of the World" site? You'll probably be disappointed. You would think foodie anthropologists everywhere would swoon over this site, but it's mostly just a shopping site for imported foods. Somehow they make local food from around the world seem homogeneous and impersonal. It takes an incredibly exciting and idiosyncratic subject then turns it into generic corporate mush.... More

'PC Magazine' Names Serious Eats One of Top Undiscovered Websites

PC Magazine did some surfing, found us on the internet, and named us one of the top undiscovered websites of 2008. Who knew we were undiscovered!? Certainly not our regular readers. We're proud to share the title with others out there like WooMe.com, a speed dating website where total strangers join video chats, and if sparks fly, they can pay for personal contact info of those wooed.... More

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