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Will Rainy Weather Affect 2012 Farm Bill Provisions?

Though small farms are suffering from poor weather conditions, large-scale agriculture is also vulnerable. Rain is the primary problem facing growers in the Midwest and Northeast, but severe drought is causing alarm in Texas and other southwestern states. Two main crops affected so far are corn and wheat, and both commodities' prices have gone up as a result. More

Weather Forecasts for Your Cookout

The BBQ Forecast for Grimsby, England. For folks living in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia, Metcheck.com has a BBQ Forecasts feature that gives you a heads-up on what the weather's going to do for your cookout. While it's not much more insightful than checking the basic forecast, I like its slightly motherly tone: "Bit too cold for a BBQ." [via 37signals]... More

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