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Chika Tillman's ChikaLicious Dessert Bar Stands the Sweet Test of Time

Chika Tillman of ChikaLicious owns a Dessert Bar and Dessert Club in New York City and teaches chefs internationally how to carry our her "ChikaLicious way" of treating incredibly seasonal ingredients with a light hand and much care. Ten years on she's still running strong, and we caught up with her to hear about her unchanging philosophies, unique space, and the one dessert that changed her life. More

Chefs Daniel Boulud and Jim Burke on Remaking the French Classics

Chef Daniel Boulud closed down DB Bistro Moderne for a bit to give it an interior facelift and his new executive chef—Jim Burke from Philadelphia—plenty of time to test and revamp the new menu. We talk about how you remake a French classic that's already been a hit in your bistro for over ten years, and how to work with seasonal ingredients minus the trend factor. More

Pearl and Ash's Chef Richard Kuo on Eliminating Variables and Learning from McDonald's

Chef Richard Kuo has worked at wd-50, Corton and Seasonal, so you'd expect him to be at least interested in what kitchen science has contributed to the current landscape of cuisine in New York. But his interest goes even further, and while he appreciates how much technology can open up his budget so he can rely on less hands and better ingredients, at his core he focuses on rules and patterns to make sure his dishes come out exactly as he wants them, every time they're made. We dove into where this kind of passion came from, and how it comes to us at the table. More

Exchange Alley's Paul Gerard on Old New York and Three-Chord Cuisine

Chef Paul Gerard opened up Exchange Alley in the East Village the day the hurricane hit, so he opened his doors and gave his food away. Now he welcomes diners in for a very old-school ambiance and flavor-forward, simple menu in a restaurant he says he can run by himself if any other disaster hits his hometown. We caught up with Gerard on what his village history means to him, how sharply the food scene here has changed, and how he brings old and new New York together on a plate. More

Chef Elizabeth Falkner, from Citizen Cake to Krescendo to Corvo Bianco

Chef Elizabeth Faulkner of San Francisco's wildly popular Citizen Cake moved out to open Krescendo in Brooklyn and then left in in less than a year, which floored some people in the serious eating and food media worlds. Now, at the newly opened Corvo Bianco in what was once the Upper West Side's iconic Endicott Hotel lobby, she's serving up plates both ambitious and comforting, and logging in long days to develop her menu just right for the extremely wanting neighborhood. More

How a Restaurant with a 25 Year-Old Chef Opened in Four Weeks

Chef Vanessa Miller was part of the team that opened The Dalloway in Soho in only one month, despite that fact that she's never worked in New York before and had a lot of catching up to do. Her small plates won over patrons and bits of press but, at only 25, she's well aware that her palate and preferences are still nowhere near set. We chatted with Chef Vanessa about what that experience was like and how being young sometimes gives the advantage. More

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