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11 Awesome, Occasionally Bizarre Restaurant and Bar Bathrooms in NYC

We try to stick closely to the food in our New York restaurant coverage, but sometimes we come across restaurant designs that give us pause: The drop-dead pretty, the alarmingly futuristic, the smirk-inducing WTF. And after Slice editor Niki kept telling us about how much she appreciated the Twin Peaks-themed bathroom at Mission Chinese Food and the bigger-on-the-inside TARDIS stall at Brooklyn bar The Way Station, we realized there were more than a few restaurant bathrooms that have caught our eye. More

Behind the Scenes of wd~50's New Tasting Menu

Spend a few hours with Wylie Dufresne in his Lower East Side kitchen, and you're struck by how no single dish reveals its components on first glance. Bright orange noodles were made of lobster roe. It's not just an egg yolk on that plate—it's a duck egg yolk cured for 6 hours in a salt, sugar, and amaro bath, carefully balanced to match the neutral buoyancy of the yolk. Come see how the magic happens with a look at every dish on Dufresne's new tasting menu. More

Savoy's Annual Cassoulet Festival: 7 Cheffy Takes on Cassoulet

Let us count the ways you can reinterpret the French stew-casserole hybrid, cassoulet. Recently seven chefs did for Savoy's Cassoulet Festival. The restaurants they represented included: Savoy, Nuela, Vinegar Hill House, Hundred Acres, wd-50, Fatty Johnson's, Back Forty. Check out how each reinterpreted the concept with crispy partridge terrine, pickled tongue, and pine nuts, and more. More

Pizza on the Eater Blog

Two pizza-related things of note on Eater as of late. 1.) Today, we find out that Wylie Dufresne's WD-50 serves "pizza pebbles." Some back story, if you're unfamiliar: Dufresne is one of them molecular gastronomist types, which means he does crazy stuff with food—like making pizza pebbles. As described by Adam Roberts, they are "... made by mixing variously powdered pizza components—tomato powder, parmesan powder—with a garlic-infused oil. The resulting pebbles are presented with dried slivers of shitake on a pepperoni emulsion." Roberts has a photo of the things, but the photo ain't so pretty.... More

Photo of the Day: WD-50

Photograph from Tina Wong on Flickr If you're not paying attention, you could easily miss the small neon sign tucked away in a corner of the window of New York City's molecular gastronomy–specialized restaurant, WD-50. Don't know what WD-50 is all about? Read Tina's reviews of its dinner and dessert for a virtual taste.... More

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