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Pantry Essentials: All About Wasabi

Wasabi is a condiment that many of us first encountered in the context of sushi — it was largely unknown outside of Japan until the North American sushi boom of the 1980s. That unfamiliarity may explain why most of us still haven't encountered real wasabi—but we've developed a taste for the thing we think is wasabi. More

Fast Food Chains in London That Should Be in America

A good chain restaurant, in my mind, doesn't necessarily serve the best version of a given food, in a given city. (Though it might!) What it should do is serve a reasonably tasty version of said food, reliably and at a reasonable price. In London, there are quite a number of chains that I wish would make their way stateside. Here are just a few. More

Wasabi Guacamole

[Photographs: Eventful Moments] Recipe adapted from Chef Zac Campbell of Eventful Moments. Campbell makes this Asian/Mexican fusion of guacamole for Day of the Dead celebrations.... More

Serious Heat: Mustards to Spice Up Labor Day Cookouts

Note: On Wednesdays, Andrea Lynn, senior editor of Chile Pepper magazine, drops by with Serious Heat, with additional writing by Lillian Cho. [Photograph: Bill Milne] Think a lone jar of Dijon or squeeze-bottle of yellow in your fridge covers all your mustard needs for the Labor Day grilling holiday? Well, we were under that assumption too until we went on a quest to find the best spicy mustards around. From orange to white, smooth to chunky, mild to weepingly hot, each mustard we sampled was so original that by the time we had reached the end of the taste-test, we were mustard maniacs. These are our top favorites. But we're still open to opinion. What are your favorite mustards that... More

Photo of the Day: Field of Wasabi

That's not just any field; it's a field of your nasal passage's worst nightmare. Kayoko of Umami Mart took a photo of a field of fresh wasabi while visiting Joren waterfall in Izu, Japan. If you visit there, you can buy fresh wasabi stems and wasabi-flavored soft serve. Related: Photo of the Day: Rice Field... More

Foodies In Space

Astronaut Sunita Williams was making sushi aboard the International Space Station when she squirted wasabi out of a tube—it started floating around everywhere and hitting the walls. Oops! The wasabi was part of her bonus container, a personalized package of favorite foods given to astronauts to help make the months they spend in zero gravity with mostly MRE-type food more bearable: Williams, whose father was born in India, has several Indian dishes in her bonus container, including Punjabi kadhi with pakora — vegetable fritters topped with yogurt and curry — and mutter paneer, a curry dish. The dishes are packaged to have a long shelf life in space.Her U.S. crew mate, astronaut Michael Lopez-Alegria, is an even bigger "foodie." Lopez-Alegria,... More

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