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Critic-Turned-Cook Mulls Question: Worst Meal Ever?

[Photograph: Robyn Lee] A few days after showing up for the Master Chef casting call, I got together at Palace Kitchen with fellow reality show hopefuls to compare notes. We mostly knew each other by our Twitter handles. "Aren't you Seattle Food Geek? (Also known as Scott Heimendinger.) And Salty Seattle (Linda Miller Nicholson), MarcSeattle as well as... hey, isn't that Serious Eats contributor Michael Natkin?" In between bites of sublime bites of Spam—yes, housemade Berkshire pork Spam, served on creamy grits, a poached egg on top—the pleasant conversation focused on, what else, food. One question stopped me cold. Marc Schermerhorn asked me, "What's the worst meal you've ever eaten?" As a former critic, I'm used to being asked... More

In Videos: Monkeys Make Terrific Waiters

It's official. Monkeys can do a better job waiting on tables than some humans. What, you don't believe me? Watch these videos. The first one has proper British narration that, in fact, explains a lot. The second has no narration. It's a purer form of monkey business. I so want a monkey to bring me a hot towel the next time I go to a bar. Don't you? Animal rights activists, take note: The monkeys only work two hours a day. If they work more, they must get a banana break every thirty minutes. Watch both, after the jump.... More

Phyllis Richman's Waiter Rant

Retired Washington Post restaurant critic Phyllis Richman lets loose with her own waiter rant. I've eaten with Phyllis, and she's smart, funny, and doesn't suffer fools gladly. Her pet peeves: Restaurant staffers who snatch plates at a table before everyone is doneDisappearing waiters who stop paying attention to their station, even whey Phyllis wants to pay the checkShow-off waiters who insist on asking how everything is What else do waiters do that drive serious eaters crazy?... More

In Videos: 'The Mitchell and Webb Look' : 'Posh Waiter'

From the UK's The Mitchell and Webb Look comes this clip featuring a posh waiter who holds incredible disdain for the patrons. His response after they complain: How can I possibly introduce you to the manager? You haven't shaved, you're not wearing a tie, and you hold your ladle like a pen. Video after the jump.... More

It's Like a Waiter Wrote It

Augieland hits the nail on the head most of the time he writes, but his essays on tipping, respecting your server, and not ordering filet mignon in a steakhouse get it especially right. Augs, on behalf of food-service workers everywhere, thank you.... More

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