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Chain Reaction: Waffle House

You may not consider Waffle House a burger place, but I submit that theirs is actually better and a much better bargain than what the clown, the king, and the pigtailed girl are handing out. Hot, steamy, melty, with real grease dripping off of it—this is fast food without everything that makes fast-food cringeworthy. More

Hangover Helper: Waffle House Hash Browns

Whether you're nursing a horrible hangover, driving down I-95 at four in the morning, or looking for somewhere to get married, Waffle House always seems to hit the spot. Regional restaurant chains tend to develop a cult status, but can be a huge letdown when you realize the food is just the same cheap junk you find everywhere. I don't know if it's the beautifully simple design scheme, the psuedo truck stop atmosphere, the food, or all of the above, but Waffle House is actually all that it's cracked up to be. More

Waffle House Wedding in Georgia

"Waffle House is as much a part of our lives as our kids are," said the bride in this artistically rich multimedia slideshow from the Gwinnett Daily Post in Georgia. She's been working with her now groom at the iconic Southern chain for almost three years, so when he had to work on the wedding day, she knew it was the fated venue. Like Dan Dickinson of the blog VJArmy, I am so entranced by this. The colors, the love, and the thought of having celebratory grits and hash browns. Related: With this slice, I thee wed... More

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