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Vodka Cream Sauce

The main concept behind the sauce is the addition of vodka brings out flavors in the tomatoes that are alcohol soluble, leaving a spicy, acidic mixture that is tempered with heavy cream to create a rich and vibrant sauce in the end. More

Mixed Review: Pasta Partners Vodka-Less Vodka Cream Sauce

"I put the bottle of Belvedere—oh alright, it was Smirnoff—back in the liquor cabinet." [Photographs: Lucy Baker] I made vodka sauce once for a date. No, it wasn't Rachael Ray's "You Won't Be Single For Long Vodka Cream Sauce." I'm not that sappy. It was Sara Perry's recipe for linguine with bacon and vodka sauce from her book Everything Tastes Better with Bacon. It was a memorable night and while the gentleman and I have long since parted ways, from time to time I think fondly of the irresistible contrast of smoky bacon and fragrant basil, the kick of red pepper flakes, and the hint of spice that was so hard to name (dried fennel seeds). Gutsy and flavorful as... More

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