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My Latest Obsession: Infused Vinegars, Oils, and Salts

In this delicious season of grills, salads, and farm-fresh produce that needs almost no altering, the only thing that's missing is the right accent. Something subtle, but with a little flair—a secret weapon, ready to wow picnickers at your next potluck and the neighbors you're always tossing meat on the barbie for. Good thing infused vinegars, oils, and salts exist. More

Guide to Filipino Vinegars

Reading Marvin's post on Burnt Lumpia about different types of Filipino vinegars (or "suka") makes me wish I knew more about Filipino cuisine and ate it more often. Marvin may not be able to feed me through the Internet, but at least he can teach me more about Filipino food: The prevalent use of Suka (sooh-kah) is due in large part to the extended shelf life bestowed upon goodies cooked in vinegar—a necessary culinary 'voodoo' needed for tropical climes during the days of pre-refrigeration. But aside from its preservative powers, we Filipinos also just happen to like the elevated flavor punch that vinegar provides—that certain Asim (sourness) that we love oh so much in our food. He describes palm vinegar,... More

Acid, the Oft-Overlooked Seasoning

Photograph from mattieb on Flickr Russ Parsons of the Los Angeles Times reminds us that even though we may tend to reach for the salt shaker to add flavor to a dish, the addition of acidity can also work wonders: Salt is a flavor potentiator—in other words, it works chemically to make other flavors taste more of themselves. Acidity works as seasoning by giving a dish backbone or structure, which allows other flavors to stand out and shine. Parsons suggests keeping a variety of citrus fruits and vinegars on hand. Mostly important is a good red wine vinegar—he gives instructions for how to make your own out of a good bottle of wine.... More

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