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Edamame and Radish Risotto From 'Vibrant Food'

I'm a sucker for the bright intensity of the humble and accessible radish, which makes a hot pink appearance in the Spring Roots section of Kimberley Hasselbrink's new cookbook, Vibrant Food. After a stint in a hot pan with butter, their peppery bite is slightly mellowed, but the remaining juicy crunch, vivid color, and distinctive pungency offsets the simple, creamy risotto. More

Win a Copy of 'Vibrant Food'

For most of us, cooking begins with a consideration of flavor and texture. I admit I rarely think about appearance until the food hits the plate (and when I'm cooking at home for just me and my family, "It doesn't look that great, but it's tasty," comes out of my mouth more often than it should.). But Kimberly Hasselbrink, author of the new cookbook Vibrant Food flips the formula, conceiving dishes around whatever vivid seasonal produce catches her eye. More

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