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A Few Street Vendors Are Not So Fastidious; Will You Still Partake?

New York Ed Levine 6 comments

Photograph by Jaci Berkopec on Flickr Inside Edition is promo-ing tomorrow night's expose of New York street vendors, in which it is revealed that a few of them are not big on taking basic sanitary precautions. It strikes me... More

Is Street Food in Vietnam Endangered?

Erin Zimmer 3 comments

Photograph from noodlepie on Flickr As part of a continuing campaign to make Hanoi "green, clean, and beautiful," the local Vietnamese government implemented a partial ban on street vending, effective July 1. But what is downtown Hanoi without the street food? According to blogger Graham Holliday of noodlepie, "you take the food off the street and you just have street." A potentially more sanitary, but way less delicious, very sad street. Next to frenetic motorbike taxis, hawking pho and fruits gives Hanoi its heartbeat. Vending is also an important part of many Vietnamese livelihoods, but as Hanoi becomes increasingly built-up and developed, supermarkets will displace the traditional markets and street vendors as the city hopes to embrace a spic and... More

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