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Coffee History: The Coffee Break

There weren't always interns balancing precarious armloads of lattes for everyone in Accounting, and not every office or factory break room had a bottomless supply of bad-but-free sludge boiling away on a hot plate all day, but nowadays nobody would know what to do without the coffee break. Today, we'll investigate the history of this workaday ritual. More

Video: The Craziest, Most-Automated Pizza-Vending Machine We Have Ever Seen

We've seen a lot of pizza vending machines over the years here at Slice, but this one might take the cake for the fanciest, most-automated one yet. Dubbed Pizzametry, it's a spinning, pepperoni-slicing, pizza-boxing monster of a machine. Plus, it features a giant 37-inch screen that ... well ... serves you ads before it serves you pizza. (That's kinda lame.)

Pizzas cook in 3.5 minutes, and in this video it looks like it's capable of making pepperoni, plain, and white pizzas. [via Philip Given]


Nuts About Vending Machines

Many Americans will take to the nation's highways this weekend, whether to travel to a Labor Day cookout, for a last family camping trip of the summer, or perhaps to deposit recent high school grads at their new colleges. No doubt many of these weekend road warriors will get hungry, and stop at a rest area or comfort station where they might do some vending machine snacking. Have you ever noticed just how many peanutty snacks are in those vending machines? More

What Are Your Best Vending Machine Memories?

"But digging a little deeper, I realized that I have had a few good vending machine memories—just not in the U.S." [Flickr: Stéfan] Looking at Top Cultured's Vending Machine Flowchart made me think about my experiences with vending machines and how I may have only bought two things from that flowchart in my entire life. It's extremely rare that I'm in a situation that would drive me to buy something from a vending machine.... More

Leftovers: The Day's Stray Links

Video: "If you're in Italy and you want to eat frozen pizza out of a vending machine, I really feel sorry for you. Get help!" [pizzamaking.com] Word Nerdery: Advertisers love to mash up language. Like Pizza Hut with "Panormous"-size pizza. [richmond.com] Free Pizza: A reminder that folks named John Connor or Sarah Connor can get free Hut pizza. [PR Newswire] New Pizza Blog: Looks like a fun site from a cute couple. [Passion-4-Pizza] Boston: Zing Pizza and Roti has a blue cheese, butternut squash, spinich, and onion pie. [Boston Globe via MPBoston] D.C.: Liza and Gary review Circa in... More

Let's Pizza: Vending Machine Mixes Dough, Bakes Freshly Made Pizza

Photographs from popaitaly on Flickr We're used to getting coffee, soda, candy, and chips from a vending machine. Now, according to the New York Times, if Claudio Torghele has his way, Italians and eventually Americans will be able to get a made-while-you-watch, freshly baked pizza from a vending machine. The machine does not just slip a frozen pizza into a microwave. It actually whips up flour, water, tomato sauce, and fresh ingredients to produce a piping hot pizza in about three minutes.... More

In Videos: Personal Ramen Noodle Cup Vending Machine

This is for anyone who owns or has at one point owned any of the following: a personal gumball machine, a mini desktop fridge, a mini "olde-time" popcorn popper. It's a personal ramen noodle cup vending machine. In the video, which appears after the jump, the thing looks like more bother than it's worth. A vending machine—especially a Japanese one—is supposed to be all automated and whizz-bangy, but this one is little more than a hot-water kettle with a timer attached—mashed up with a novelty piggy bank. Still, the video is fun in that wacky-Japanese -appliance kind of way.... More

Tombstone Pizza Vending Machine

This Tombstone deep-dish-pizza vending machine made the rounds on the blogs yesterday. K., of the site She Eats, found it on the Houston Architecture Info Forum (registration required). K., perhaps, set the tone of the online discussion, calling it a sign of the apocalypse. But I'd like to advocate for this thing. I, for one, welcome this technological development. I've been gunning to try pizza from a vending machine for years now. The folks at Wonderpizza haven't been able to get on the horse, but it looks like Tombstone, a division of Kraft Foods, has the money and gumption to... More

Fishing Bait Vending Machine

Give a man a fish, they say, and he'll eat for a day. Teach him to fish, and he'll eat forever—as long as he has bait. Continuing our series of wacky food-vending machines is this one, sent in by my friend Sydney. She says, "This was bizarre. My cousin took a photo of a bait-vending machine in Idaho. Somehow I thought it would be of some strange interest to you and your Serious Eats compatriots." It is. Yeah, it's not directly food-related, but I think I've made my point on how it can indirectly score you some food. I think my dad will like this post, as will you, HunterAnglerGardenerCook. Related Eggs from a Vending Machine Coca-Cola Vending Machine Robot... More

Eggs From a Vending Machine in Japan

Photograph from JoshBerglund19 on Flickr Really, Japan? The nation already has the largest number of vending machines per capita (about one for every 23 people) and won't even stop at eggs. According to witness Josh Berglund, this one is refrigerated and refilled regularly by nearby farmers, with each compartment selling 10-12 eggs for 300 yen (roughly $3). Since part of the vending machine experience is watching purchased items take that daredevil free fall, this one doesn't really seem fair. [via Wired] Previously Incredible Japanese Vending Machines Coca-Cola Vending Machine Robot in Japan... More

Coca-Cola Vending Machine Robot in Japan

Photo from sanchome on Flickr. The only thing better than a regular robot is one that doubles as a Coca-Cola vending machine with scorpion-like pincher hands. The logistics are unclear—does it really vend cola cans? Is there a person tall and strong enough to wear this bulky suit? File this under times I wish I was a Japanese school girl outside Shibuya Station in Tokyo to see this weirdness walk by.... More

Incredible Japanese Vending Machines

Different kinds of Japanese vending machines from PingMag. Americans are seriously missing out on the ability to purchase hot french fries or socks without having to talk to an actual human being. So until our country gets with the program, we'll just have to sigh into our sake and wish we lived in Japan. Meanwhile Tokyo-based design magazine PingMag, after doing some investigative reporting at a manufacturers' convention in Tokyo, provides updates on the latest in amazing Japanese vending machines. From a self-serve tourist information center to cigarette dispensers with age recognition software, the only thing these innovative machines have left in common is automated awesomeness. Related Mobile Street Food in Tokyo, Japan Ningyo-Yaki: Molded Japanese Cakes Spherical Is... More

Wonderpizza Pizza Vending Machine: Seen It!

OK. I've been getting the emails about this thing. So I'm going to blog it up yet again. The Wonderpizza pizza-vending machine. Many thanks to everyone who sent in the links to the various blogs that have covered this thing in the last week. I love you guys for keeping me hip to cool stuff going on pizzawise. But I have to tell you that this machine, this story, it's old news. I blogged about it here in 2004, and then "reheated" that post again in 2005, and then yet again in 2007. Long story short: In 2004, the... More

Photo of the Day: Vending Fail

I've had a few vending machine frustrations in my life, but three stuck bags in a row is just the machine's way of saying, "Screw you." Check out more of life's little failures at the FAIL blog.... More

What a Wonderful World: Pizza Vending Machines

Horn & Hardart's Automat | Berenice Abbott Proving the Japanese aren't the only innovators in the vending-machine racket is Italian vendo-maker WonderPizza. This company's machines bake and dispense pizza in less than two minutes. New Bedford, Mass.,–based Wonder Pizza USA has sole U.S. distribution rights for the machine and recently placed them at Brown University. The machine can store up to 102 pizzas, for 30 days, in a refrigerated unit. When a customer buys one, a mechanical arm removes it from its package and puts it into the oven section, where it is flashbaked. It's then sliced and delivered to... More

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