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The Food Lab: Vegan Burgers That Don't Suck

Personally, I do like a good veggie burger. And I'm not talking one of those hockey puck, soy protein, faux-meat, painted-on-grill-mark atrocities aimed at vegetarians who secretly (or publicly) miss meat. I'm talking a veggie burger that actually tastes of grains and vegetables. A veggie burger that celebrates its veggie-ness yet can stand up to and be complemented by the typical toppings and condiments you'd find at a backyard cookout. I'm talking a veggie burger that even a meat-eater would happily eat—topped with cheese and bacon, if they want. And heck, just for the fun of it, why not add an extra challenge here and make the burgers 100 percent vegan as well? More

Grass Fed: The Case for Veggie Burgers

I recently set out to try all manner of veggie burgers. I tried the store-bought kind that dot frozen food aisles. I tried gourmet outlets that cater to the well-heeled and body-proud. I even made my way to the strict vegetarian and vegan eateries that feed the throngs of wan-looking healthy people throughout my metropolis. What I found amazed me: I realized that veggie burgers are, in fact, better than beef burgers. More

Best Veggie Burgers in Chicago

A veggie burger may not pass for a meat-based burger, but that doesn't mean it tastes bad. Monica Eng of the Chicago Tribune shares her picks for best veggie burgers around the city, in creative categories such as "Tastiest Pick for Mushroom Haters," "Best Sweet Potato Veggie Burger," and "Tastes Most Like a Chicago Hot Dog."... More

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