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Foodie vs. (Vegan) Foodie: Let's Stop Dropping Anvils Already

Note: We received this thoughtful essay on the perceived dichotomy between food-lovers and vegetarian/vegans from longtime Serious Eats community member KarynMC and thought we'd highlight it here. Take it away, KMC! —AK Interestingly enough, the very first installment of Spy vs. Spy was somewhat food-related. Whenever an article touching on vegetarianism or, worse, its shorter-lettered derivative, appears on a food-centric message board or in the mainstream press, the comments always follow the same lines: "PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals" "Vegans are soulless, self-absorbed idiots whose tastebuds have withered into nothingness." "Vegans are terrorists. Bacon-hating douchebag terrorists." The assumption? Those who love food cannot be vegan, those who are vegan cannot love food. Perhaps the attitude derives from the meat=masculinity=real food... More

Happy World Vegetarian Day

Not bacon! Happy World Vegetarian Day! The holiday was founded in 1977 by the North American Vegetarian Society and kicks off October as Vegetarian Awareness Month. If you're vegetarian, check out some of these select vegetarian (and vegan) recipes on Serious Eats. If you're not vegetarian, try to lay off the bacon for one day—it's not so bad. Though many people have gone through vegetarianism flings, who out there feels like a real, true vegetarian? Recipes after the jump.... More

Not Surprising: Vegans Have It Rough In Airports

Pictured: Airplane food, not vegan. Photograph by Robyn Lee. From a previous eight month stint of living a vegan lifestyle, I can tell you that traveling as a vegan can be a daunting task. Though I'm a believer that being forced to eat on a plane or in an airport food court is not the most enjoyable no matter what your food preferences, vegans have it rough in the land of fried food and mystery ingredients in the terminal and in flight. Most airlines don't provide cuisine in coach—Jet Blue will give you (vegan but oily and gross) Terra Blues, Virgin America might deliver a box of cheese and crackers if there are leftovers from first class and the... More

Real Girls Eat Whatever They Want

Photograph from Just Jared In response to Jessica Simpson's meat-lovin' t-shirt—now available through the 23rd from Primehouse New York—PETA came up with "Top Five Reasons Only Stupid Girls Brag About Eating Meat." It's nothing we haven't heard from PETA before; the reasons are generally valid warnings about breast cancer and the environment, couched in PETA's typical propaganda rhetoric. But reason number four, "Meat will make you fat", is just plain offensive—especially since the post described Simpson as best known for "her ability to proportionately fill out daisy dukes" and expressed hope that "the upcoming 'Jessica Simpson's Intimates' line comes in plus sizes." Excuse me, PETA, but whether we choose to eat a nice juicy steak or a big bowl of... More

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