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Foodie vs. (Vegan) Foodie: Let's Stop Dropping Anvils Already

Note: We received this thoughtful essay on the perceived dichotomy between food-lovers and vegetarian/vegans from longtime Serious Eats community member KarynMC and thought we'd highlight it here. Take it away, KMC! —AK Interestingly enough, the very first installment of Spy vs. Spy was somewhat food-related. Whenever an article touching on vegetarianism or, worse, its shorter-lettered derivative, appears on a food-centric message board or in the mainstream press, the comments always follow the same lines: "PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals" "Vegans are soulless, self-absorbed idiots whose tastebuds have withered into nothingness." "Vegans are terrorists. Bacon-hating douchebag terrorists." The assumption? Those who love food cannot be vegan, those who are vegan cannot love food. Perhaps the attitude derives from the meat=masculinity=real food... More

Survival Guide for Vegans in Japan

Tofu and vegetables = vegan friendly! Maki Itoh of Just Hungry shares advice for vegans in Japan—first off, to be careful because many traditional Japanese dishes use dashi, which is made with dried fish. "Just about the only things that are fairly sure to be dashi-free are plain rice and homemade pickles," she says (although she does share a recipe for vegan dashi). Looking towards non-traditional Japanese cuisine for vegan dishes may not be much easier. She suggests cooking for yourself if your stay is long enough (she shares recipes on Just Hungry and Just Bento), eating brown rice and whole wheat bread, and shares links to other vegan resources in Japan. Don't miss the comments from her readers for... More

Fake Turk'y Taste Test

"I am fake." —anonymous stuffed turkey. Photograph from JP Puerta on Flickr When uncles and grandmothers interrogate you tomorrow for being vegetarian, just savor your meatless drumstick and know that 7.3 million people in the U.S. join you. Juliet Lapidos of Slate tried four brands of faux bird and rated them according to appearance, meatiness, and taste. The winner? Not Tofurkey. Found in the hot foods section of Whole Foods, the Gardein Stuffed Veggie Turkey Roast won for its twinkie-shaped deliciousness (made of soy, wheat, peas, beets, and carrots). "After my first bite, I felt a little anxious—I wondered briefly whether I'd mistakenly bought real turkey and glanced at my taste partner to see whether she, too, had a... More

Happy World Vegetarian Day

Not bacon! Happy World Vegetarian Day! The holiday was founded in 1977 by the North American Vegetarian Society and kicks off October as Vegetarian Awareness Month. If you're vegetarian, check out some of these select vegetarian (and vegan) recipes on Serious Eats. If you're not vegetarian, try to lay off the bacon for one day—it's not so bad. Though many people have gone through vegetarianism flings, who out there feels like a real, true vegetarian? Recipes after the jump.... More

Not Surprising: Vegans Have It Rough In Airports

Pictured: Airplane food, not vegan. Photograph by Robyn Lee. From a previous eight month stint of living a vegan lifestyle, I can tell you that traveling as a vegan can be a daunting task. Though I'm a believer that being forced to eat on a plane or in an airport food court is not the most enjoyable no matter what your food preferences, vegans have it rough in the land of fried food and mystery ingredients in the terminal and in flight. Most airlines don't provide cuisine in coach—Jet Blue will give you (vegan but oily and gross) Terra Blues, Virgin America might deliver a box of cheese and crackers if there are leftovers from first class and the... More

Vegan Author Rynn Berry Claims Historians Have a 'Carnivorous Bias'

Make my tofu well done. The trolls came out to play when the New York Times' City Room blog gave commenters a chance to ask Rynn Berry, author of The Vegan Guide to New York City, about "shopping, eating, and living a vegan lifestyle in New York." Now Berry has responded to the questions asked, but what particularly stood out was his absurd answers to the question of whether, historically, humans and prehumans were omnivorous and ate meat: This is laughable caricature of human evolution. The annals of prehistory have unfortunately been written by historians and anthropologists who have a carnivorous bias, however unwitting.... More

Virulent Anti-Vegans Troll 'New York Times' City Blog Post

In a New York Times City Room blog post, "Ask About the Vegan Lifestyle in New York," commenters had a chance to ask Rynn Berry, the author of The Vegan Guide to New York City, about "shopping, eating and living a vegan lifestyle in New York." The moderators let a few nasty and silly comments slip through before retroactively deleting a few. For posterity, we archive some of the gems, from mean to sad to funny to just plain weird, after the jump:... More

The Great Vegan Honey Debate

Can vegans who eat honey still call themselves vegan? In light of honey-eating becoming a bigger part of the vegan diet, Daniel Engber of Slate investigates the different beliefs and facts behind the great vegan honey debate. While one could argue that bees are exploited as industrial pollinators much more so than as honey producers, finding alternatives to honey is more reasonable than limiting one's diet to just wind-pollinated plants. It's safe to say that eating plants is also more important than consuming honey to maintain a healthy diet (or, you know, life). Since honey is just a euphemism for bee regurgitation (or the alliterative "bee barf," as I prefer), it seems obvious that it fits under the non-vegan... More

Vegan Zombies, This Shirt's for You

Dennis Culver's Vegan Zombie shirt may not be a reality yet, but you can vote at Threadless.com to help give everyone a chance to display the grain-loving pride of the vegan undead. Related Brains: The Core of the Zombie Diet... More

In Videos: Roger Clemens Doesn't Know What a Vegan Is

During the recent Congressional hearings, Bruce Braley, a Democrat from Iowa, asked Roger Clemens if he had ever been a vegan. Clemens, dumbfounded, responded, “I don’t know what that is. I’m sorry." PETA, feeling the need to educate, couldn't help but mail Clemens a care package of vegan treats, including vegan chocolate bars and faux beef jerky. Which I'm sure turned him around.... More

I Don't Hate Vegans!

Someone accused me of being anti-vegan after reading my pig-hunting entry. I am not, but I must apologize for my often flippant remarks about vegans. I must say that I've never had a vegan meal (or even a dish) I loved, but that doesn't mean I hate vegans. In fact, one of my favorite people in the world is a vegan, a first cousin of the "some of my best friends are" cliche.... More

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