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We Love the Uyghur Noodles at Chayhana Salom

New York Max Falkowitz 4 comments

It looks a little like chow mein, but lagman, the handmade noodles native to the Uyghur people of western China and central Asia, are a different thing altogether. More

Silk Road Garden: Discovering Uyghur Cuisine In Los Angeles

Clarissa Wei 3 comments

Get to know Uyghur cuisine, a distinct and delicious mix of Turkic and Han Chinese fare. More

Lambsplosion of Uyghur Food at Cafe Kashkar in Brighton Beach

New York Robyn Lee 6 comments

I've only been to Brighton Beach three times, but two of those times I ate at the same restaurant: Cafe Kashkar, My first visit to this Uyghur restaurant in 2006 gave me a craving for Uyghur food that I... More

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