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The Urban Gardener: Check Out My Garden

Lauren Rothman 6 comments

This is the time of year home gardeners wait for: most everything in the garden is producing, or at least preparing to. At this stage, there's not much to do except sit back and reap the benefits of all your hard work earlier in the season. Take a tour of my garden! More

The Urban Gardener: How Not to Kill Your Plants

Lauren Rothman 12 comments

Here's a short list of tips for your seedings: with a little time and tender loving care, you should be able to minimize your losses when planting out your seedlings. Learn from my mistakes, folks! More

The Urban Gardener, Part One: An Introduction

Lauren Rothman 19 comments

In this Urban Gardener series, I'll share my ups and downs in the pursuit of healthy, affordable homegrown fare in my own backyard. Here's Part One, an introduction to what you'll need to get started, what to plant, and more answers for fellow aspiring gardeners. More

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