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Hot Dog of the Week: Pauly Dogs on Duke's Campus in Durham, NC

Pauly Dogs opened for business outside of Duke's campus almost 15 years ago, a crazy hot dog cart run by former bartender and pizzeria cook Paul Konstanzer. Since moving to Duke's West Campus Plaza in 2007—along with other carts like Locopops and the Carribean Kitchen—Pauly has established a loyal cult following with 52 (and growing!) varieties of hot dogs and hundreds of toppings. More

College Activists Gather for the Food Justice Summit, March for Farmworker Rights

The Summit, sponsored by the Real Food Challenge, sought to unite college students from across the Northeast who are involved in developing sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and delicious food programs at their universities. It was co-sponsored by the Food Project, an amazing initiative in Boston that brings urban and suburban teenagers to inner-city farms. These students learn how to garden, eat healthily, and rally others for food justice and access. More

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