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Underground Dining: Border Oak Celebrates 'American Midland Cuisine' in Chicago

Chicago Amber Gibson 4 comments

Chef Jeremy Leven and the team behind Tuesday Night Dinner are back with Border Oak, which they describe as an "exploration and celebration of American Midland cuisine." More

Underground Dining at Feast & Imbibe in Evanston

Chicago Amber Gibson Post a comment

Feast & Imbibe is an underground restaurant juxtaposing a casual atmosphere with a multi-course tasting menu presented by chef D'Andre Carter and beverage pairings by sommelier Heather Bublick. More

Michael Gebert on the High Price of 'Underground' Dining Events

Adam Kuban 14 comments

On his blog Sky Full of Bacon, Chicago food writer Michael Gebert brings the Truth Hammer to bear on underground dinners: "But these underground dinners are like somebody finding the dilapidated space in the edgy neighborhood—and then charging $85 per seat for an illegal performance of The Lion King. They use an underground atmosphere to cover the fact that they're trying to serve a Blackbird-level meal at a Blackbird-level price without the costly support system of Blackbird. If you could pull it off, it would probably be pretty lucrative. But they often seem not to pull it off, and so you wind up with a sub-Blackbird experience at the full Blackbird price, The Lion King in cheap Halloween costumes." More

Underground Brooklyn Chef Re-Creates $1,500 Alinea Meal

New York Erin Zimmer 3 comments

Michael Cirino, proprietor of the New York-based underground supper club A Razor, A Shiny Knife (ARASK) trekked to Chicago for an eight-hour re-enactment of a 21-course dinner Thomas Keller and Grant Achatz prepared earlier this year. Our Chicago correspondent Michael... More

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