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Photo of the Day: Spampersand

[Photograph: Monsieur Cabinet] Spam + & = SPAMPERSAND! It goes nicely with graphic designer David Thompson's other masterpiece of canned meat-based typography, the corned beef hash (tag). [via we love typography] Related How to Make Spam Musubi Video: Edible and Drinkable Typography Pancake Font In Videos: Creating a 'Font' From Food... More

iVillage Knocks off the Chick-fil-A Lettering?

Silicon Alley Insider points us to the redesigned logo for iVillage, the interactive women's website. Hmm, why does it make us suddenly crave chicken sandwiches and waffle fries from a mall food court? All they forgot was the feather crest and beak. Related Chick-fil-A [Talk] Chick-fil-A's Chick-n-Minis Chick-fil-A vs. McDonald's Southern Style Chicken... More

Video: Edible and Drinkable Typography

As part of the fifth Typophile Film Festival, crafty BYU design students created this video about the five senses. Around 1:20 they get to arguably the best one: taste. Letters sizzle in oil, others are formed from a fruit punch-resembling liquid, and probably the coolest of all are the bouncy, jiggly ones spelling T-A-S-T-E. The short video, after the jump.... More

Cheese or Font?

Test your knowledge of cheese and/or fonts (typefaces if we want to get technical) and learn a few new cheese names in the process by playing Cheese or Font? Minutes of fun await you! [via Metafilter] Related JuustoleipƤ, an Excuse to Dip Cheese in Coffee Serious Cheese: Von Trapp Farmstead's Oma Serious Cheese: Grilled Cheese, Georgian Style... More

Pancake Font

What will you do today? Will it be as awesome as making your very own pancake font? What I want to know is who was lucky enough to eat the typographic samples after the photo shoot? If anyone wants to create a cupcake font, I'm available for cleanup duty. [via deleteyourself.] Related In Videos: Creating a 'Font' From Food Buttermilk in pancakes? [Talk] Pancakes Mountain T-Shirt, Plus Other Pancake Outerwear... More

In Videos: Creating a 'Font' From Food

The folks in the video here have created a "font" called EatStreet out of different foods. I put "font" in quotes because at least one of our readers cough, cough...Norman...cough will come here and tell us that this is not truly a "font" but lettering. The "font" is available, free, here. Video, after the jump.... More

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