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Hondarribi Zuri: A Wine Grape for Celebration-Enhancing Purposes

Drinks Stevie Stacionis 1 comment

Basque locals traditionally drink the stuff out of a bulbous, pointy spouted, awesomely crowd-friendly pitcher called a porrón held high above one's head. More

Txakoli: Spain's Refreshing, Effervescent, Hard-to-Pronounce Wine

Drinks Amy Cavanaugh 2 comments

When you visit the Spanish Basque Country, walk into any pintxo bar in San Sebastián or Bilbao and you'll see an entire wall of green bottles. What's in them? A bright, slightly fizzy wine called txakoli. There are three regions that make this wine, and I recent visited them all to learn about the differences in the wines they produce. More

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