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Making Cheap Hard Cider From Scratch

[Photograph: The Paupered Chef] Serious Eats contributors Nick Kindelsperger and Blake Royer explain how they made hard cider on the cheap over at The Paupered Chef. They made four batches using two kinds of apple cider and yeast, and found that Whole Foods' apple cider was great for making easy, cheap hard cider: "It's cheap ($6.99), comes in perfectly sized bottles for fermenting, and makes a balanced, refreshing beverage in about 7 to 10 days." Start a batch soon and you'll have a great beverage for Thanksgiving. Related Snapshots from the UK: Brothers Toffee Apple Cider, a Caramel Apple-Flavored Beverage How to Make Apple Cider Hard Ciders at Thanksgiving, So Underrated... More

Video: How to Make Your Own Soda

I'll admit that my initial reason for watching this video was because it features a wacky-looking dude with a massive fake mustache, but it has the additional plus of being educational—if you're interested in learning how to make your own soda, at least. Combine yeast, water, sugar, and flavoring for your homebrewed soda. Watch the video after the jump.... More

How to Make an Apron Out of a Towel

[Photograph: the burch jerks] The Burch Jerks shares a simply tutorial on how to make an apron out of a towel, specifically with Ikea's 49-cent Tekla towels, just the right size for a kid-sized apron. [via The Kitchn] Related Make Custom Table Placemats with Inkjet Transfers How to Make Nesting Doll Salt Shakers How to Make an NES Lunchbox... More

A Mother's Recipe and Tips for Making Wontons

Photograph from Bouchon For Two Mel of Bouchon For Two shares some helpful tips and a recipe on how to make her mom's Shanghainese-influenced wontons (which, judging from the photos, probably taste awesome) filled with seasoned pork, shrimp, and and flowering garlic chives. Since I'm an amateur when it comes to making homemade dumplings I didn't know the tips Mel includes in her post, such as combining two cuts of pork, and tempering the water three times while boiling the dumplings. Methinks a wonton-making party is in my future. Related Eat for Eight Bucks: Dumplings Two Ways, with Freestyle Dipping Sauce In Videos: Dumpling Battle in 'Kung Fu Panda' Photo of the Day: Fresh Dumplings... More

Video: 5 Ways To Knead Doodle Bread

The folks behind Doodle Bread made this cute tutorial video to show you how to knead dough for their product (bread with a colorful shape in every slice!), but their instructions can be applied to all your bread dough kneading needs. Also, a tip for how to know when your dough is ready. Watch the video after the jump.... More

How to Make Apple Cider

Photograph from Savvy Housekeeping If you really like apple cider (the alcoholic kind, that is), Savvy Housekeeping shares a tutorial for how to make apple cider at home. Apple juice, brown sugar, wine yeast, beer-making equipment, and a few weeks of patience will reward you with 42 bottles of apple cider. Related Bathtub Gin and Other DIY Alcohols Make Your Own Wine at Home How to Make a Watermelon Keg... More

How to Make Cheese at Home

Using biology professor David B. Fankhauser's tutorial, learn how to turn five gallons of milk into six pounds of cheese. Aside from five gallons of milk, you'll need yogurt, rennet tablets, a thermometer, a stainless steel pot, a strainer, and a cheese press. In just a few weeks you'll be able to dig into your newborn baby cheese wheel. [via kottke.org] Related: How to Make Cottage Cheese... More

How to Make Melted Snowman Cupcakes

Photograph from nicisme on Flickr Food blogger Nicisme of Cherrapeño teaches you how to make melted snowmen cupcakes with cranberry cake as the base and carefully shaped fondant and icing for the malformed snowman. Or if the "snowman" part is too much trouble, just make "melted snow cupcakes." [via Boing Boing] Related Photo of the Day: Jack and Jill Cupcake Thanksgiving, the Only Reason You'd Make Cupcakes Resembling Turkeys Photo of the Day: Thanksgiving on a Cupcake... More

Play With Your Food By Making Creative Bento Boxes

Anna The Red's most excellent bento of Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Yoshi, Kirby, Pikachu, and Mr. Game & Watch. A typical bento box might already be the cutest way to eat lunch, but what if it contained food shaped to look like your favorite cartoon or video game characters? Blogger Anna The Red decided it was more fun to eat this way and created a slew of meals themed from Super Mario Brothers to My Neighbor Totoro to Wall-E. One of our favorite posts is her instructions on how to make Yoshi out of lettuce, potato salad, cheese, blueberries, and carrots. What tasty character would you want to see when opening your bento box? Related Cute Cuddle-Worthy Bento Boxes... More

Take Thanksgiving to the Next Level with a Modular Pecan Pie-Cosahedron

Community-driven tutorial website Instructables is holding a Take Thanksgiving to the Next Level contest featuring some interesting and unconventional Thanksgiving-themed foods. My favorite is the Modular Pecan Pie-Cosahedron made of 20 equilateral triangle-shaped pecan pies whose pans are held together by Amazing Magnets. The pie's creator turkey tek seems to have a penchant for giant pecan pies seeing as they're also behind this Giant Fractal Pecan Pie. [via Metafilter]... More

Make Your Own Wine at Home

Photograph from home winemaking tutorial site, Cook Prairie Wines It's a little more of an upscale DIY project than, say, baking your bread or growing your own garden, but wine enthusiasts too can turn their love into a full-fledged hands-on hobby by making wine at home: "The growth and interest in wine generally over the last decade has really fueled an interest in winemaking as a hobby," says Brad Ring, publisher of Winemaker magazine. "With the greater availability of grapes, equipment and information, it’s come on strong as a hobby."[...] All of which means that you don’t need to buy a vineyard in Tuscany or the Loire Valley to create your own label of succulent red or crisp white. In... More

In Videos: How To Peel a Kiwi

File this under, "Why didn't I think of that?" Turns out the best tool to peel a kiwi with is a spoon; just push it under the skin of the cut ends of a kiwi, rotate it until the skin comes loose, and out pops a naked kiwi! Watch the tutorial video, after the jump.... More

How to Win a Hot Dog Eating Contest

Want to become a hot dog eating champion? Then read wikiHow's How to Win a Hot Dog Eating Contest tutorial. Just follow these four easy steps: stretch out your stomach, develop a hot dog-eating technique, learn to suppress your gag reflex, and time yourself. You'll be snarfing down those processed meat logs in no time! Previously 'Major League Eating: The Game' Coming Soon for the Nintendo Wii 59 and a Half! The Best Hot Dogs Roadfood Roundup: Hot Dogs... More

How to Make a Mini S'mores Grill

You want fresh s'mores without using a microwave or firing up a full-sized grill? Make a Mini S'mores Grill; this tiny table with bolts for table legs is just the perfect size to roast one marshmallow over a tiny fire of burning toothpicks. Use it to roast all kinds of tiny, marshmallow-size foods. The possibilities are endless. [via productdose.com] Previously Whole Wheat S'more Cookies What do you do with marshmallows? Question of the Day: What's your favorite food to grill?Bacon Mat Reloaded: BLT -->... More

How to Make Thin Egg Sheets in Your Microwave

I've never thought of making those super-thin omelets (usuyaki tamago) you sometimes find in Japanese dishes—I assumed reaching that thinness would take more skill than I possess—but Biggie at bento-making tutorial site Lunch In A Box shows the easy way to make them by cooking them in your microwave. With an appropriately-shaped plate and plastic wrap (Biggie includes information about the safety of microwaving plastic wrap), you'll be churning out these egg sheets in no time. Chop up the egg sheets to use as a garnish or keep them whole to use as wrappers around other foods. Of course, you can make these without a microwave; go to Just Hungry for directions on how to make them in a pan.... More

How To Open a Durian

If the infamously stinky odor of the durian weren't already enough to keep people from eating it, there's also the task of splitting open the spiny shell to reach the creamy pods within. Durian newbies, be not afraid; Kathryn Hill at The Kitchn has documented the process of opening a durian. All you need is a big knife and adequate arm strength. If you want to try durian without opening it yourself, a fruit vendor may do it for you. In Manhattan's Chinatown my friends and I bought a durian from a vendor on Mott Street and Grand Street who scooped out the flesh and neatly packed the "pods" in a container, probably in much less time than if... More

Chocolate School 2.0

It takes cajones to set a cooking show to the tune of Isaac Hayes's "Chocolate Salty Balls." Emeril's not doing it. Neither is anyone else on cable or network TV. The only guy brave enough is James Beard Award-nominated chocolatier Michael Recchiuti—on YouTube. Last week, the namesake of Recchiuti Confections uploaded two videos: Chocolate Truffle Class Part 1 and Chocolate Truffle Class Part 2. Recchiuti turns a San Francisco freight elevator into a makeshift studio, where he unveils a try-this-at-home recipe for "refrigerator truffles" while throwing around cue cards and tossing back champagne. Dressed like a wacked-out Santa in a red cap and a pair of kitchen overalls, he's the most subversive chef since Mero Cocinero, star of culinary-politics roadshow... More

How to Carve a Pumpkin

The above video from About.com shows you how to carve a pumpkin in just three minutes! ...I mean, the video is three minutes long. It'll probably take you longer than that unless you have an electric saw. Whatever you do, don't hack it with a sword. Carving a pumpkin is easy, results in a nice decoration, and is a good way to get our your aggressions if you want to stab something. Check out these links for pumpkin carving tips, stencils and inspiration: Pumpkin Carving 101Pumpkin Carving Tips - How to Carve a Pumpkin for a Jack-O'-Lantern Howstuffworks - How to Carve a PumpkinHow to Carve a Pumpkin VideoExtreme Pumpkins (How-to, gallery)Pumpkin Way (Gallery)The Pumpkin Wizard (Gallery, patterns)Pumpkin Carving... More

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