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How to Make Turkish Borek

Boreks can be stuffed with potato, cheese, eggplant, meat, spinach—really whatever you like that isn't too moist. I'm especially partial to Turkish sigara borek, little "cigars" of filling wrapped in flatbread. Once you get the hang of the basics in this step-by-step procedure, it's easy to get addicted to borek. More

Potato and Cheese Sigara Burek

[Photograph: Max Falkowitz] Consider this a template recipe for making Turkish burek, which come in all shape and filling combinations. Use high-starch russet potatoes for a creamy mash, and, if you can find it, young kasseri cheese (you can substitute... More

American Classics: Sour Cherry 'Clams'

There's no shortage of names or forms for turnovers, but my favorite may very well be the "clam." This slightly ajar take on the traditional turnover has a rounded "shell" and decorative ribbing like its namesake mollusk. I've never seen clams south of Kittery, Maine, which is a shame, because they're a tasty and cute way to make use of puff pastry. More

Dinner Tonight: Sweet Potato and Gruyère Turnovers

I am not a baker. I almost always screw something up, leaving my kitchen disheveled and covered in a sticky coating of flour. But while these may not be the prettiest turnovers to ever emerge from an oven, even I have to admit that they were remarkably easy to construct. What else should expect from Real Simple magazine? Just purchase some premade frozen pie crusts, top with a filling, fold them over, and then pop these in the oven and in 25 minutes or so. That's dinner. More

French in a Flash: Chaussons aux Pommes with Cinnamon Crème Fraîche

Like slippers, Chaussons aux Pommes are harbingers of home and of comfort. Though it is an old-sounding word, it expresses timeless human emotion far more effectively and evocatively than the more modern "turnover" ever could. Mine start simply with Golden Delicious apples, done French--as in, without cinnamon. They are folded into a simple pocket of bought puff pastry. The American apple-cinnamon duo is completed with a slightly sweet, certainly spicy cinnamon crème fraîche in which to dip the warm chausson before munching it down burning from the oven. More

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