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Automatic Turkish Coffee Takes to Manhattan

At New York City's Simit + Smith, a small chain whose third Manhattan store opened this week in the Financial District (within 100 feet of both a Starbucks branch and an independent, third-wave cafe, Blue Spoon), Turkish coffees are prepared to order for workers, traders, Turkophiles, and tourists alike—all in a fully automated Turkish coffee machine. More

How to Brew Coffee in an Ibrik: A Modern Take

Last week we covered a traditional method of brewing Turkish coffee in an ibrik, a small pot designed for stovetop preparation of coffee. Though the techniques used to make the classically sludgy, intense coffee are hundreds of years old, it's no surprise that modern coffee lovers couldn't leave well enough alone. To this end, the World Ibrik/Cezve Championship was born, a battle of skills and innovation using these small metal pots, with results that traditionalists are likely to scoff at. More

Around the Caffeinated World: The Ottoman Empire

Both the cultivation and the culture around a coffee crop can differ wildly from place to place, origin to origin, as traditions are handed down through generations. Our third stop along the timeline of coffee's trip around the world is the vast Ottoman Empire, which is responsible for brewed coffee's first trips west through Europe. More

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