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Video: Have You Ever Slaughtered Your Own Turkey?

Buying your bird frozen and wrapped from the grocery store is a very different experience from seeing the live turkey on the farm, then slaughtering, butchering, and cooking it yourself. As a meat eater, I found this act to be very important. Watching animals die is never easy but at LTD Farm in Clayton, Wisconsin, farmers like Khaiti Khaleck honor each turkey's life, making sure it is calm when killed. Families are invited to help butcher their turkeys on the farm and learn more about the process. [Warning: This video contains graphic images.] More

Photo of the Day: Obama Pardons a Turkey

[Photograph: Jason Reed/Reuters at Christian Science Monitor] Today, President Obama and his family pardoned a turkey named Courage to live the rest of its life in Disneyland, reports The Washington Post. Presidential turkey pardonings were first made official 20 years ago with President George H.W. Bush, although turkeys and U.S. presidents have shared the spotlight before then. The Christian Science Monitor has more about the history of the turkey-pardoning tradition.... More

Meatless 'Turkey' Taste Test

[Flickr: JP Puerta] Vegetarianism doesn't have to stand in the way of eating a semi-traditional Thanksgiving meal. Environmental news magazine Grist taste tested four meatless "turkeys" to find the one that would most please a panel of vegetarians, meat eaters, and picky children. Quorn Turk'y Roast is deemed most turkey-like, while the others—Tofurky Vegetarian Feast, Field Roast Celebration Roast, and Gardein Stuffed Turk'y Roast—fare from Chicken McNugget-esque to "tastes like rotten eggs." Related Menu: Vegan Thanksgiving Healthy Thanksgiving Menu Meatless Main Dishes for Thanksgiving A Guide to Gravy... More

Dave Arnold's Immersion Circulator Turkey

[Photographs: Cooking Issues] Leave it to mad scientisty chef Dave Arnold to think, forget the oven, I'm going to prepare my Thanksgiving turkey in a double immersion circulator. Here's how it worked, as explained on the French Culinary Institute's blog Cooking Issues: He filled a stock pot with duck fat and butter, and jammed the cavity with herbs. He then used two circulators set at 65°C. A hose was attached to one of the circulator's spouts and pushed into the cavity of the bird so that hot fat was not only circulated on the outside of the bird, but also injected into the center. It was circulated for two hours, chilled in a blast freezer, and then packed it... More

Inflatable Gag Gobbler

[Photograph: Archie McPhee] Oh, boy. Get ready for Thanksgiving. Here's an inflatable turkey. I'd love to fill a flock of these with helium and see if they'd fly. $11.95, from Archie McPhee [via Swiss Miss]... More

Paper Turkey for your Thanksgiving Tablescape

Save room on your Thanksgiving table for a paper turkey, because no matter how your real turkey turns out, it'll be more moist and delicious than its paper understudy. Tip: This would be a great activity to give the kids to keep them out of your way while you're in the kitchen. Print out one for each of your lil' pilgrims. It's tedious enough to keep them occupied for a while.... More

A Thanksgiving Feast FOR Turkeys

If the sight of piles of packaged birds leaves a taste in your mouth as tart as raw cranberries, consider sponsoring a turkey this year. Adoption is very hot right now—it was only a matter of time before it began applying to other species. For $25, your turkey gets to live at a shelter for farm animals and have his own Thanksgiving feast (of squash). Turkeys have been giving us wings and legs and breasts for centuries. This year, I'm giving them a little bit of heart. They are an American bird, after all, and deserve something to be thankful for like everyone else! Adopt a turkey this year at Farm Sanctuary. I just did. He's the hot gobbler... More

Martha, Keith Olbermann, and WKRP in Cincinnati's Infamous Turkey Drop

MSNBC talking head Keith Olbermann was on The Martha Stewart Show today, and the two got around to talking about Sarah Palin's turkey pardon/slaughter. (Leave it to Olbermann to bring up Palin.) Jezebel's got video of the exchange (Martha: "We know they get slaughtered for Thanksgiving, but that was an especially gruesome scene back there"). We've already talked about the Palin turkey video. No, what we're interested in today is Olbermann's WKRP in Cincinnati reference. If you remember the show, you may remember the episode Olbermann refers to, in which the hapless fictional station does a live turkey giveaway for an on-air Thanksgiving promo. They decide to drop the live birds from a plane for lucky listeners to capture.... More

Oil-less Turkey Fryer

Deep fried turkeys may be delicious, but making them can result in serious burns if you don't follow safety precautions. To avoid having to call 911 because your house is burning down, get this Oilless Turkey Fryer for $199. The fryer uses infrared cooking technology, which "penetrates meat evenly and seals in juices, resulting in a moist inside and crispy outside without the hassle or fat of cooking with oil." Just add your own propane tank and you're ready to go! [via Uncrate]... More

Turkey Cannon Cooks Turkeys, Does Not Shoot Them

Fill the cylinder of the Turkey Cannon with your favorite cooking liquid, stick a turkey on it, and let it roast to perfection. Like in a beer can chicken, the liquid helps cook and flavor the bird from the inside, resulting in a faster cooking time and more flavor. [via CNET]... More

Hey! Lego My Turkey

Or is that turkey my Lego? Beats me. But if you're a Lego head and you've always wanted a turkey figure for your Thanksgiving-themed tableau, this Medieval Market Village set might do you right. You'll have to wait till next year's turkey day, though; this set comes out in 2009 but was recently unveiled at BrickCon 2008. [via Boing Boing]... More

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