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A Sandwich a Day: Turducken Sandwich from 4505 Meats in San Francisco

I've been waiting to try this sandwich since last year around Thanksgiving. I remember sitting at my desk last year during lunch hour, despaired as I read the too-far-for-a-lunch-break-trip location of 4505's pop-up turducken sandwich stand. Yes, you read that correctly: a pop-up turducken sandwich stand. So, you could probably imagine my excitement when this year, 4505 decided to serve their famous turducken sandwiches at the Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market. More


[Photograph: Bill Milne for Chile Pepper magazine] Recipe by Andrea Lynn. Before you start to make the stuffing, taste the Cajun spice blend you're going to use and if it's very salty, tone down the salt in the rest of... More

For a New Holiday Tradition, Get a Turducken Ornament

In between your hand-blown glass ornaments of stars and angels, hang a turducken ornament on your Christmas tree! Dana of She Walks Softly will make you one for $15. [via Neatorama] Related Weird Food Ornaments for Christmas Are Turduckens Really Good Eating? Tofucken, the Vegetarian Turducken, and Other Interesting Meat Marriages... More

Tofucken, the Vegetarian Turducken, and Other Interesting Meat Marriages

The real deal turducken (meat involved). Photograph from Phil Romans on Flickr The name might inspire an "oh, my!" face, but tofucken is actually just turducken made with tofu. Adapted from a recipe by Chef Paul Prudhomme (the bearded, hat-wearing dude from Louisiana with a line of cajun seasonings), Stefany Anne Golberg of Table Matters turns the "infamous carnival of carnage that involves three unfortunate birds" into an infamous carnage of soy beans and wheat gluten. If you could combine multiple meats (real or fake) for a turducken-esque mishmash, what would they be? And what potentially inappropriate-sounding name would you give it? Related Qua-duc-ant (Quail, Duck, Pheasant) Fake Turk'y Taste Test... More

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