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Hot Dogs or Legs Blog Will Alter Your Perception of Reality

Jamie Feldmar 4 comments

Today, the internet tackles an age-old philosophical question that's been haunting scholars for generations: are those hot dogs or legs? More

Congrats to Serious Eats' First Chief Technology Officer David Karp

Ed Levine 1 comment

Karp, who later founded Tumblr (which was just acquired by Yahoo to the tune of a cool billion plus), was our very first CTO back in 2006. More

Binders Full of Burgers, a Tumblr of Burger-Themed US Election Infographics

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 3 comments

Finally, the way infographics about the 2012 US presidential election were meant to be made: with creatively composed burgers, fries, condiments, and hot dogs. Binders Full of Burgers by German artists Lisa Rienermann and Anna Lena Schiller is a Tumblr dedicated to just that, illustrating Obama and Romney's campaign expenditures, poll ratings, and more. More

Tumblr: 'Obama Eating Burgers'

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee Post a comment

Because everything is destined to be Tumblr-ized, here's obamaeatingburgers.tumblr.com, a collection of photos of President Obama eating burgers More

Tumblr: 'It's an In-N-Out Thing'

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 10 comments

It's an In-N-Out Thing is a new Tumblr blog dedicated to...In-N-Out things. Specifically, things from the perspectives of In-N-Out employees: "'Restroom Check' really just means 'Bathroom Break.'" "Putting on the damn safety-pin for the first time." "The funny names people come up with for 'Animal Style.'" "CLOSE THE GAP." You can send in suggestions here. More

Great New Tumblr Blog: 'Pizza in the Movies'

Slice Adam Kuban 6 comments

Ever see pizza appear in a movie scene and wish you could clip it and save it somehow? You know, to make a mental note of it? OK, yeah, there are maybe, like, 10 of us out there who have. But check out this newish Tumblr blog: Pizza in the Movies. It's got some familiar ones (Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Rock 'n' Roll High School) and some new-to-me entries (Duck Season? Hmm. Never heard of it.) It's funny, because we've usually tried to make a note of pizza references in movies and TV but never thought of devoting a whole blog to it. It's fun that someone else has. [via Scott Wiener] More

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