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Los Angeles: Beto's Taco Truck for Reliable $1 Tacos

If nothing else, the Beto's Tacos truck on Washington Boulevard is a model of consistency. On those cold nights in the doldrums of the work week, when your other Mid-City taco alternatives have turned their backs on you, Beto's is there under the golden glow of Redondo Liquor, parked along the back wall and probably siphoning off some electricity from inside. Nothing fancy, but always reliable; their tacos taste the exact same way. More

Street Food: Cupcake Crew

Next up in mobile cupcake purveyors in this great city of ours: Cupcake Crew. Of all the cupcakers I have met so far, Frankie, owner of the Cupcake Crew truck, seems the least likely man for the job. A friendly, talkative man with the accent and demeanor of Joe Pesci in My Cousin Vinny, Frankie was not the frontman I had come to expect in the cupcake world. More

Kevin Cyr's Paintings of Food Vehicles

[Image: Kevin Cyr] You may not think twice about the potential beauty of a derelict truck, but Brooklyn-based artist Kevin Cyr does. Check out his paintings of portraits of urban vehicles, many of them food-related. [via Doobybrain] Related Meat Paintings Peter Anton's Giant Food Sculptures Photo of the Day: Melting Ice Cream Truck... More

Taco Trucks in Sunset Park

Sarah DiGregorio, over at the Village Voice, is quickly becoming one of our new favorite people. This week she recommends four taco trucks in Brooklyn's Sunset Park, two of which are open all night long—for those of you with late-night... More

Chinese Food Truck in French Countryside?

Photograph from The Fortune Cookie Chronicles When the buttery croissants and fragrant lavender gets old, those traveling in the French countryside can scout out this streetside truck called "Delices d’Asie," or "Delicacies of Asia." Deli enthusiast David Sax, the creator of Save the Deli, saw locals lining up for the exquisite dim sum and stir fries while he was shopping at a nearby farmer's market for more traditionally French foods (cheese and bread). "There were shrimp toasts and har gao that looked like French pastries, arranged in military precision behind the glass." French-Vietnamese food is one thing, but French-Chinese, eh? What an intriguing fusion.... More

Snapshots from Hawaii: Garlic Shrimp

Oahu's North Shore is known for its big waves, but I went there for its big shrimp. After spending the morning frolicking in a Lost filming location, we found just what were looking for at the legendary Giovanni's White Shrimp Truck: shrimp. Lots of it. Drowned in garlic and butter.... More

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