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Will We Drink Soda Differently in 2013?

For half a century, we've looked to Coca-Cola and other stalwarts like Sprite, Pepsi, Fanta, and Mountain Dew to whet our thirst and wake us up. But as we move into 2013, chefs and consultants are laying out their predictions for this next year's culinary trends, including changes in the soda scene. More

From Behind the Bar: On The New Year

It's 2012, and bartenders the world over are heaving sighs of relief after successfully surviving the mother of all nights out. I have been a bartender too long to hold much sentimentality for the champagne, horns, and streamers that comprise New Year's Eve, but it is a party, and someone has to throw it, so I spent this year the same way I've spent most others: slinging drinks and counting down to midnight. More

Pizza Trends of 2011

As we edge closer to 2012, taking stock of the past year and the trends that were help to orient us in the ever-evolving pizza landscape. If there is one thing that I learned in 2011 it is to look to the home kitchens of Slice'rs for what's really taking hold. It isn't always some innovative new way to rework the cheese, sauce, and dough combo, but rather giving new life to tried and true styles and varieties, and in doing so, introducing folks coming from many different pizza backgrounds to pizzas that are totally new to them. Here are some of the trends we've noticed in the past year, and a look at possible trends to come. More

New Trend Report Says American Burger Consumption Is Increasing

Considering this blog's popularity is doing well, we would've said the same thing—but we don't have data to back us up, unlike this burger trend report released on Wednesday from food industry consulting firm Technomic that says almost half of Americans, 48 percent, eat a burger once a week, up from 38 percent in 2009. Aside from burgers being a good value, this increase is attributed to the growth of "better burger" chains that have raised consumers' quality expectations. Consumers are more open to trying burgers with different meats and more "exotic" toppings than they were before. (Keep in mind the survey was done on about 1500 people.) [via Eater] More

Is Goat the Hot New Meat?

Recently we told you that 2011 is the year of lamb. Lamb prosciutto, smoked lamb belly, pickled lamb tongue. As lamb lovers, we have absolutely no problem with this. But that doesn't mean that goat can't sneak into the scene too. Goat meat is tasty, sustainable, lean, and of course nothing new. It's actually one of the most widely consumed meats on the planet, but as some have proclaimed, it's the next "it" meat. More

Food Styling: The Messy, Homemade Look Is In

"Right now, people like messy," said New York-based food stylist Alison Attenborough in this fascinating Wall Street Journal piece on how food styling in glossies and on television has changed over the years. No more hairspray and powdered deodorant spray gimmicks to engineer that "perfect" luster—now it's all about the au naturel, bitten-apart, cheese-dribbling handmade look. More

London's Cool New Breakfast: Bento

Seems like some London hotels are moving away from the traditional full English or continental breakfast and offering something new (at least to Western diners): Japanese bento breakfasts. The move, hoteliers hope, will increase bookings for the first meal of the day, as curious eaters may be likely to try something new. We all know that serious eaters are more adventurous than most, so what's the most outside-the-norm (for you) breakfast you've tried? More

Trending: Hot Soppressata Is the New Pepperoni

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] Who's Using It Fornino, Williamsburg, Brooklyn Ken's Artisan Pizza, Portland, Oregon Roberta's, Bushwick, Brooklyn Lolita, Cleveland Motorino, Brooklyn/Manhattan Il Cane Rosso, Dallas La Piazza al Forno, Glendale, Arizona Emilia's Pizzeria,* Berkeley, California I'm calling it: Hot soppressata is fast becoming the it topping among serious pizzamakers. Why do I say this? Peep the places at right that feature it as an option. (In an earlier draft of this post, I had Philadelphia's Pizzeria Stella on the list, but the options seems to have dropped off its pre-opening working-draft menu.) It took backyard-pizzamaker-turned-soon-to-be-pro Pauile Gee to call... More

Unique Food Trends: Houston, Texas

What's shaking in the Houston food scene? A rockstar chef named Bryan Caswell, some Texas-Italian fusion cuisine, and, though they've been around for a while, the pastry pockets known as kolaches. These are just a few of the city's trends—chime in with more that you've noticed. Kolaches Mixed box of kolaches from the Kolache Factory. [Flickr: finna dat] Kolaches, a sort of Eastern European Hot Pocket, are all over Texas. The pastry pocket is a fun food medium—just think of how many meats, veggies, and cheeses you can stuff in there. With such a big Czech presence in central Texas, most of the really good ones are there, but have gradually spread east to Houston (the supposed best are in... More

Is Mayo Making a Comeback?

[Image: Food Mayhem] With fried chicken, bacon, and other fatty comfort foods feeling a renaissance, it makes sense that mayo would jump on board too. Nostalgia sells, and Hellmann's, perhaps the king of the mayo brands, is capitalizing on that. As Ad Week points out, their recent ads recall the good ol' days of meat and potatoes and so-called "real food," which includes the gloopy amalgam of eggs, oil, and vinegar. Even Bobby Flay is appearing in Hellmann's ads this holiday season, touting it as an essential part of the Thanksgiving spread, making mashed potatoes mashier and apple-cranberry crisps gooier. Cheeseburger man Kevin Pang of the Chicago Tribune recently called it the underrated condiment and John Kessler of the... More

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