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Japanese Snacks: Toys and Candy

The Japanese figured it all out: what makes a kid want that box of cereal? It's the toy, right? I could see a box of Blistered Snarglepuffs, but as long as it came with a Star Wars action figure, I couldn't care less about how good the cereal tasted. It had to be mine. More

McDonald's May Be Sued by Nutrition Watchdog Over Happy Meal Toys

Though it's been quite a while since my last Happy Meal, McDonald's still uses this promotional mechanism to advertise new movies, TV shows, or brands to millions of eager young eyes across the country. But the Center for Science in the Public Interest is not buying it. In light of heightened and serious concerns about national childhood obesity levels, the CSPI has said that they will sue the mega-corporation if it does not stop using toys as a marketing tool targeting young consumers. More

Easy-Bake Oven Inventor Ronald Howes Dies at 83

Ronald Howes, a lifelong inventor responsible for creating the Easy-Bake Oven died last Tuesday. Thanks to him, many small hands have baked brownies and cakes by way of a lightbulb. And many stuffed animal tea parties have benefited greatly because of it. Do you have fond Easy-Bake Oven memories? More

Photo of the Day: Knitted Sausage

[Photograph: Stephanie Casper] All the joy of packaged sausage in cuddly knitted plush form, for those who like plush food but not ones with faces on them. Available at scaper5's Etsy shop for $25 (along with other knitted meats). [via Coudal Partners] Related The Inner Workings of a Plush Meat Master Gift Guide: For the Meat Lover Grilled: Robert Bolesta... More

Cute Thing Alert: Plush Peas-in-a-Pod from 'Toy Story 3'

[Image: disney.go.com] Today Disney revealed two new characters that will appear in Toy Story 3, coming out on June 18, 2010: Barbie's boyfriend Ken and, more importantly, Peas-in-a-Pod! Plush, smiling, rosy-cheeked peas in a pod! The official description says, "Peas-in-a-Pod will quickly become a parent's favorite on-the-go toy," but I think it's also appropriate for people like me: adults who are kids at heart. And really like round, cute things. In case you're curious to see what's already out there, I searched online for "peas in a pod" toys and plushes and found human baby doll in a pod, pea baby doll in a pod, more pea babies in a pod, peas in a pod rattle, dog toy, dog... More

Video: Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Commercial (1960s)

Mr. Potato Head wasn't always the fat, hollow plastic lump with various accessories that we know him as today. When he was first created by Brooklyn-born toy inventor George Lerner in 1949, Mr. Potato Head was made of a real potato, leading to decades of kids jabbing tubers with plastic body parts. Those were the good old days. Watch this vintage toy commercial after the jump.... More

Gift Guide: For the Food Plush Toy Lover

Don't know a food plush-person? See our other gift guides. —Ed. It's easy to get me a gift: as long as it's soft and cute, I will probably love it. If you know other people with the same childlike mindset (hey, it's that mindset that allows me to amp this site up with cuteness), one of these food-related plush toys should make them happy this holiday. Note: Not all plush toys are safe for children. Check each item for age recommendations. The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck Ice Cream Cone Ornament: The New York City-based Big Gay Ice Cream Truck teamed up with crocheted toy-maker Alicia Kachmar to make this happy rainbow-colored ice cream cone ornament. Also check out Alicia's... More

Burger Be@rbrick Toy

[Photograph: rakuten.co.jp] For lovers of Japanese collectible toys, there's a new burger-themed Be@rbrick figure available for pre-order. It comes in 100% and 400% versions. [via Hypebeast] Related: Photo of the Day: Burger Toys... More

Magic Cheezburger

[Photograph: LOLMart] It's the Magic 8-Ball for the cheeseburger and LOLspeak-loving generation: behold, the Magic Cheezburger ($14.99). Shake it to get profound answers like "U CAN HAS," "SRSLY?" and "SRY, I EATED IT." Related Burger-Shaped Hand Warmer and Massager... More

Vampire Toast Plush Doll

[Photograph: The Imaginary World ] For the person in your life who loves blood-sucking creatures and anthropomorphic toast, get them the Mega Vampire Toast plush doll ($16) from the Mr. Toast Store. Related Photo of the Day: Vampire Cupcakes Serious Eats Gift Guide: Toast-Related Accessories Photo of the Day: We Like Pie Plush Toast Keychain... More

Cute, Morbid Sushi Figures

It haunts you with its sad, droopy, suffering-rich eyes. Photograph from o-no-co.com The sushi-inspired vinyl toys from O-No Food Company feature two sad tentacled creatures whose limbs have been cut off for your sushi-eating pleasure. They're kind of cute and kind of...really sad. To be more specific, each one contains 176g of sadness, according to their nutritional facts. Designed by artist Andrew Bell, these toys are based off his print "Never Look Back." [via notcot.org] Related: Do Not Eat These Monsters... More

Should Fast Food Chains Give Kids Toys?

Photo from GadgetDude on FlickrNot because they're choking hazards, and not because they're a commercial gimmick—one official wants to stop fast-food toys because they're making kids fat. Concerned about rising rates of childhood obesity in his country, Brazilian federal prosecutor Marcio Schusterschitz petitioned a judge to ban fast-food outlets from giving away toys with kids' meals. As Reuters reports, he contends that including these toys gives kids extra incentive to eat unhealthy food: "It is necessary to remove toys that are used to leverage the sale of food that has little nutritional value," his official statement reads. What do you think? Do kids' meal toys train children to prefer junk food? Or are they just a harmless bit of extra... More

Little Plush Stomachs From 'I Heart Guts'

Internal organs never ranked particularly high on my “cute” list, but these little guys are hard to resist. I Heart Guts has a whole line of cuddly plush body parts—like the adorable tummy ($18) at right. Odds are, Serious Eaters don’t need a reminder to love their stomachs, but this makes it even easier. (Even if there's something existentially weird about snuggling with organs.) And there are T-shirts ($24), too!... More

Finally, a Japanese Noodle Waterslide

How has the planet gone this long without a noodle waterslide? I’ve been eating noodles from plain old bowls for decades quite happily. But now that I’ve seen this noodle waterslide by the Japanese toymaker Bandai, I can’t imagine a world without one. The contraption is designed for thin, delicate wheat noodles called somen. During the summer in Japan, many restaurants actually serve nagashi somen, or “flowing noodles.” They set up a long bamboo chute running across the dining room; noodles flow through that channel in an icy water bath for hungry diners to fish out and enjoy. So Bandai asked the obvious question—what if that stream were a waterslide?—and gave us the answer. Here, the noodles emerge from a... More

Food-Scented Bubble Blower Toy

The Bubble Buddy is marketed as a toy for dogs, but considering that its bubble solutions come in bacon, peanut butter, and barbecue chicken-scented versions, I wouldn't be surprised if some humans would also enjoy this toy (besides that dogs don't seem to love it that much). Of course, you can skip the bubble blowing toy and go straight for the bubble solution. [via Geekologie]... More

Cooking 'Chicken' in a Lego Rotisserie Oven

Plastic-block mastermind Martin Jaspers has crafted a rotisserie oven from Legos. It even lights up and spins the chickens. I don't know about you, but when I was a kid, we didn't have all these fancy pieces. We had to make do with mundane strips and blocks and the occasional spaceship canopy from a Lego space set. Video of the oven in action, after the jump.... More

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