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A Tourist's Guide to Pizza in San Francisco

Slice David Kover 11 comments

We'd like to argue that, along with sourdough bread, cioppino, Dungeness crab, and Rice-a-Roni*, pizza is one of the things you should be eating if you choose to visit San Francisco. Click through our slideshow to discover the best places to grab a pie as you wind your way through the streets of San Francisco. More

How to Treat a Tourist Right Near the Empire State Building

New York Max Falkowitz 12 comments

Here's a four-stop afternoon-into-evening walking and eating tour for you and your tourist that shows off the full range of the food and drink around the Empire State building. It includes a new hot spot, a tiny hole in the wall, and a champion of high class carnivory. In other words: the New York your guest really wants to see, but doesn't know to ask for. More

Visiting NYC? Where to Eat in New York, The Best Restaurants And More

New York Carey Jones 47 comments

Once a week or so, the question pops up in the New York talk boards: "I'm coming to the city for two days. Where should I eat?" It's a question so open-ended that it's tough to answer. But our fair city has so many visitors that we figured it was high time to put out a little guide. So here's our guide to eating in New York: whether you're traveling solo or traveling with kids, up for adventuring or not leaving Midtown. More

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