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Van Halen Tour Rider: Absolutely No Brown M&Ms

The Smoking Gun has unearthed a copy of an infamous 1982 Van Halen world tour rider. As the site explains, it's like the Holy Grail of tour riders, in that the brown M&M ban had heretofore been hearsay. Now there's proof. Along with the M&M stipulation: Herring in sour creamFour cases Schlitz malt liquor beer (16 ounce cans)A total of eight bottles of wine and liquorOne (1) case Country Time lemonadeM&M's (WARNING: ABSOLUTELY NO BROWN ONES) According to the Smoking Gun, "the group has said the M&M provision was included to make sure that promoters had actually read its lengthy rider. If brown M&M's were in the backstage candy bowl, Van Halen surmised that more important aspects of a performance—lighting,... More

Thanksgiving 'Tour' Rider

Relax, blow off some steam, laugh. From the Production Rider for Kate Kershner's Holiday Visit Home Tour, an oldie but goodie from McSweeney's: The following should be placed on or near the table at DINNER:(2) Bottles of wine per person at table, preferably something cheap so VENUE doesn't bitch about how expensive it was during the course of the entire evening (1) Bowl of mashed potatoes, skin ON. SKIN IS WHERE THE VITAMINS ARE. (2) Bowls of stuffing, one cornbread and one plain. If there is so much as half a raisin in the stuffing, TALENT will immediately leave the table and possibly the city. [via Buzzfeed] Related The Foo Fighters' Tour Rider: Bacon as 'God's Currency' M.I.A.'s Tour Rider:... More

The Foo Fighters' Tour Rider: Bacon as 'God's Currency'

The Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl in Tokyo, where we assume the food is interesting enough for the band. FooFighters.com Tour riders, the extensive lists of do's and don'ts that performers provide venues with prior to their appearances, are always a great to read and chuckle over. The Smoking Gun, that court-document-obsessed website, brings us a great one from the Foo Fighters, who warn caterers against serving boring food and urge them to "think outside of the box as we consider the CHICKEN BREAST": Here are some cool things to do with meat and meat examples:Fried turkey, fried chicken, fried anything, reallySausages, veggie sausages. Big-ass kielbasas that make men self-conscious. Any sort of tubed meats. Maybe a night of "Fair... More

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