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How to Make Real-Deal Tortilla Soup

As a kid who only ever ate tortilla soup in various gringo-fied Mexican-ish restaurants on the Upper West Side and perhaps the occasional New Jersey strip mall, I figured the dish was about as authentically Mexican as ranchero burgers and fried ice cream (A.K.A. not at all). In that, I was right and wrong. Certainly, the jarred-salsa-watered-down-with-chicken-broth versions I ate garnished with fried tortilla strips, avocado, and not a hint of chili were in the Mexican't camp. But there are more authentic, more complex, more compelling versions of the dish. More

Eat for Eight Bucks: Tortilla Soup

I've made plenty of tortilla soups from cookbooks over the years, but none has pleased me as much as the simple one I improvised last week. Although my gut tells me that means it was the kind of success that comes only when the planets are aligned, I want to share the recipe because it's an ideal one for fridge-clearing. It's so flexible that it could be called tortilla soup with or without tortillas. More

Dinner Tonight: Tortilla Soup

The real pleasures of tortilla soup come with the garnishes: the smooth coolness of avocado, the smoky chew of dried chiles, the burst of cilantro, the crunch of cabbage. Add all that to a golden, chickeny broth, tinged with tomatoes and the mellow heat of toasted chiles, and you have a restorative meal to last through these remaining weeks of winter doldrums. More

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