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Zane Caplansky on Where to Eat in Toronto

Since opening in 2008, Caplansky's Deli has almost singlehandedly revived Toronto's Jewish deli scene, largely thanks to owner Zane Caplansky's unique take on smoked meat. But where does Zane go when he's in the mood for something different? Luckily, he was nice enough to share some of his favorite spots in Canada's chief city with us. More

Eat This Now: A Breaded, Deep-Fried, Buffalo Wing-Inspired Hot Dog at Fancy Franks in Toronto

Is there anything that can't be improved upon by being breaded and deep-fried? If such a food exists, I don't know about it. It was with that in mind, I'm sure, that Toronto hot dog joint Fancy Franks created the Frankie Goes to Buffalo ($7.25), a hot dog/Buffalo wing amalgam that features a deep-fried, panko-breaded wiener topped with Buffalo wing sauce, blue cheese dressing, carrots, celery, and "chicken bacon." More

A Sandwich A Day: Granny Smith Chicken Caesar at Come and Get It Toronto

Come and Get It is billed as a pop-up, but not one of those one night only operations—they'll be in their space on Spadina until the showroom for (what else?) a new condo building takes over. They've got an interesting concept: there are four basic items on the menu (chipotle beef short rib, Hawaiian pork belly, herbed green beans, and a chicken Caesar) that you can get in either sandwich, salad, or poutine form. All sandwiches are $8, and though I was initially tempted by the green bean with mint cucumber yogurt and hummus sandwich, an unusually chilly day steered me towards the Granny Smith's Chicken Caesar sandwich. More

Daily Slice: Focaccia Pizza at Richtree, Toronto

Though it's located in the Eaton Centre (and College Park), Richtree isn't your typical food court fare. Inside the "market restaurant" are several food stations where you can get everything from fruit and yogurt parfaits to roast chicken dinners, prepared salads, and some of the best muffins in the city. In my 10 plus years of downtown living, I tried nearly everything on offer at least once, but kept coming back for the focaccia pizza. More

A Sandwich A Day: Grilled Chicken Satay Sub at New York Subway in Toronto, ON

For years, I wrote off New York Subway as not worth my time; that was easy to do if all you ever did was briefly glance inside. Luckily, a few years before I left Toronto, I tried several items at this curiously-named shop, which specializes in Indian-spiced burritos and satay sandwiches—not deli-style hoagies, as the name might suggest. The veggie burritos (particularly the cauliflower and bean) are great and cheap, but I have more love for the grilled chicken sandwiches, like the grilled chicken satay sub ($8.95). More

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