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Letters to Totonno's: Pete Wells, Allison Robicelli, Cookie Cimineri, and Others on America's Church of Pizza

On Monday, we reported the much-anticipated news that Totonno's was finally back in business, nearly five months after Sandy sent flood waters surging through their front doors. In honor of their reopening, we've collected testimonies and love letters to Totonno's from Louise "Cookie" Cimineri, Pete Wells, Dick Zigun, Adam Kuban, and more. More

Pizza Obsessives: Brooklyn Pizza Tour Guide Tony Muia

I first met Tony Muia a little more than five years ago, when he was just launching his Slice of Brooklyn pizza tour. More than a just a tour of pizzerias, Muia really gives context to the great pizza of the Borough of Kings, sharing neighborhood histories and showing you iconic movie locations. It's a fun tour—and it doesn't taste so bad, either. Anyway, enough gabbing. Let's get Tony in the hot seat. More

On TV Tonight: Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour's Tony Muia

ABC7's segment on Tony Muia's "Christmas and Cannoli" pizza tour. Tony Muia, who runs the Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour, will be on the Travel Channel tonight at 9 p.m. ET as part of a "Christmas in New York" special. While it doesn't sound like he'll be talkin' pizza, he will be escorting the host to Dyker Heights to see its locally famous over-the-top Christmas-light display as part of his Christmas and Cannoli Tour. It'll be followed by dinner at Tomasso's Ristorante for the traditional Christmas Eve Feast of the Seven Fishes. If you live in New York City,... More

Dear Slice: 'Food Detectives' Investigates Claim That Water Makes NYC Pizza Great

Clicking in to the Slice inbox today, we've got a great piece of pizza TV intel from Tony Muia, the proprietor of the Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour. I just wanted to give you a heads-up about an episode I taped for the Food Network's Food Detectives, hosted by Ted Allen. The episode tried to disprove the idea that NYC water is what makes NYC pizza so great. They had John LaFemina, the chef from Apizz in Manhattan, make dough with water from NYC, Chicago, and L.A. I was one of the judges, along with Mario Cantone, Joey Ciolli from... More

A Slice of Brooklyn: The Original New York Pizza Tour

New York Post I've had a lot on Slice lately about Scott's Pizza Tours, but you know, there's another pizza tour out there, one that's been around for a bit longer and that takes folks through perhaps the best pizza borough* in the city. And that tour, my friends, is Tony Muia's A Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour. Muia started his tour in 2005 and has been taking pizza-hungry folks around Kings County ever since, mixing stops at Grimaldi's and L & B Spumoni Gardens with spin around neighborhoods such as Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst. It's thanks to Muia... More

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