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First Look: Capo's Chicago Pizza and Fine Italian Dinners, San Francisco

Tony Gemignani of pizza award-winning fame and the always-packed Tony's Pizza Napoletana is opening a deep dish place in North Beach, this Friday night. Nestled tidily on Vallejo off Columbus, a glowing neon sign reads "Capo's," subtly staking its claim in a neighborhood where authenticity, and quality, are prized about as highly as a good whiskey cocktail and a solid slice. Here's your first peek inside! More

Bay Area Pizza Partnership to Land in Brooklyn

A Tony's Pizza Napoletana pedigree pie may soon be in Brooklyn. [Photograph: L.A. Pizza Maven] News comes from the San Francisco Chronicle that Brooklyn will be getting a new pizza place featuring Sicilian-style pies, pasta, and a pronounced cocktail program. The San Francisco dream team that is relocating East to realize the project consists of Elizabeth Falkner, who recently closed Citizen Cake and Orson, Bourbon & Branch bartender Darren Crawford, and Tony's Pizza Napoletana partner and operations director, Nancy Puglisi. Tony Gemignani will also be involved as a consultant.... More

900 Degrees, Almost As Many Pizza Options

Turns out that the new Greenwich Village pizzeria 900 Degrees has pretty much taken my daydream and made it reality. With two different ovens, this spacious, welcoming restaurant offers visitors four distinct genres of pizza: Neapolitan, Roman, Sicilian, and "tomato pie," in addition to a sort of category-defying menu subsection dubbed "Pizza Americana." More

San Francisco: Tony's Coal-Fired Pizza and Slice House

Tony Gemignani is nothing if not a completist. His original San Francisco shop, Tony's Pizza Napoletana, already boasted four different types of pizza ovens and a dizzying array of pizza styles. With the opening of Tony's Coal-Fired Pizza and Slice House—right next door, connected through the kitchen—he has added two more ovens to his collection and several more variations on the bread-cheese-sauce theme to his repertoire. More

Tony's Pizza Napoletana, San Francisco

Ladies and germs, I'm in San Francisco again. Got a wedding to go to—a friend of my girlfriend's is getting hitched. And while the GF was out having a "day of beauty" with the bride and her amigas, I was abandoned at the Powell Street BART Station like a litter of puppies no one wanted. But that's OK, 'cause I like nothing more than being in an unfamiliar place, left to my own devices to explore the pizza on offer. Unlike previous visits, though, this time I'm a bit more organized—I came armed with a San Francisco Pizza Wishlist... More

Tony's Pizza Napoletana: Pizza Paradise in SF

"A beatific smile slowly crept over my face as I wallowed in pizza delight." Tony's Pizza Napoletana 1570 Stockton Street Union Street, San Francisco CA 94133 (at Union Street; map); 415-835-9888; internationalschoolofpizza.com Pizza Style: Amazingly, all kinds Oven Type: Again, amazingly, four different types The Skinny: World Pizza Champion team member Tony Gemignani's combined pizzeria/pizza school is a veritable university or museum of pizza, with four different oven types to make an endless variety of pizza styles, from Neapolitan to New York to Trenton tomato pies, and more When I first decided to go public with my thoughts and feelings... More

U.S. Pizzaiolos Training Under Italian Master in California

NPR NPR had a nice little story this weekend about U.S. pizza champion Tony Gemignani and the pizza school he opened in Manteca, California. Last time I heard about Gemignani and his school, it had yet to open and he was looking to get a variance to install a wood-burning oven. Now he's brought in an Italian master—Graziano Bertuzzo: "He has the hands of a surgeon," [student Benito] Giordani said. "He takes his hand and puts it on top of yours, and he demonstrates how you push the dough out, how you roll it, how you ball it." The... More

Bay Area Pizzaiolo Seeks Perfect Oven

You: A hot, shapely Italian number that I can place my burning wood in. Me: An eager young pizzaiolo used to playing with fire. I've played around most of my life; now looking to settle down with the right oven. In the San Francisco Bay Area, champion pizza-maker Tony Gemignani hopes to open a wood-burning pizzeria with an oven worthy of his talent, according to a story in the San Francisco Chronicle. Gemignani, long known in the pizza world for his pizza-spinning techniques (he's been called "the Michael Jordan of pizza-tossing"), got tired of dough acrobatics a couple years ago... More

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