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10 Sensational Stops for Japanese Food in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Jay Friedman 9 comments

If you're visiting Tokyo for business or pleasure, there's a good chance you'll be staying in the Shinjuku area. Arrive at night, and you'll feel like an alien (or perhaps a replicant?) amidst all the neon in the Blade Runner-like atmosphere. And while amazing Japanese food surrounds you, that alien feeling may challenge you in navigating the streets (addresses are difficult in Japan), not to mention the menus, and perhaps even the basic how-tos of ordering and etiquette. Read on for a list of essential Japanese dishes to eat in Tokyo and our favorite spots to enjoy them, all right in the Shinjuku area. More

Snapshots from Japan: The Tokyo Cocktail Scene

Drinks Scott Haas 4 comments

Watching top bartenders in Tokyo, I think of the Japanese tea ceremony, with its elaborate details and rules. Both reflect what Japanese call kodawari, which translates roughly to a striving for unreachable perfection achieved through relentless practice, repetition, and extreme attention to detail. More

After Hours: Where to Find Great Late-Night Eats in Tokyo

Scott Haas 3 comments

Yakitori, takoyaki, tsukumen, and more: what and where to eat should you find yourself hungry in Tokyo in the wee hours. More

A Tour Inside of Tokyo's Tsukiji, The World's Largest Fish Market

Market Scene Scott Haas 5 comments

As Tokyo's legendary Tsukiji fish market prepares to move in 2015, we pay a visit to the tuna bidders inside and discover some of the lesser-known vendors just outside of the main market. Plus, sushi for breakfast! More

Snapshots from Tokyo: Eight Japanese Sweets Worth Savoring

Sweets Jay Friedman 12 comments

From dango to a sweet potato "sandwich" to a Japanese twist on the croissant, here are eight standout sweets I ate in Tokyo. More

Snapshots from Japan: Sardine Lunch at Nakajima in Tokyo

Jay Friedman 1 comment

Nakajima serves a set menu lunch at a bargain price of 800 yen. Sardines are the star of the show, available fried with panko, served sashimi-style, simmered in dashi with soy sauce, or prepared in an eggy casserole. More

Snapshots from Japan: Grilled Brains, Genitals, and Other Offal in Tokyo

Jay Friedman 14 comments

As an offal lover, I always make room in my trips to Japan for a meal or two of horumonyaki: grilled pork and beef offal and other bits that are generally thrown away. Here's a look inside two horumonyaki restaurants in Tokyo. More

Snapshots from Japan: A Fish-Forward Breakfast at Kuoues in Tokyo

Jay Friedman 4 comments

A meal for the senses, this Japanese breakfast features grilled fish with sweet grated daikon, pungent miso soup, crunchy tsukemono pickles, and sides like a hyper-seasonal local spinach. It's served on handcrafted custom pottery in a spartan restaurant with a single talented chef. More

Tokyo Ramen Street's Rokurinsha Makes A Mean Bowl of Tsukemen Noodles

Jay Friedman 5 comments

The last time I was in Tokyo, I didn't make it to Rokurinsha, one of Tokyo Ramen Street's most popular restaurants, which is known for its tsukemen, or dipping noodles. This time, however, I vowed not to be denied, and arrived before noon to make sure of it. The unique thick noodles and umami-heavy broth were worth the wait. More

Reality Check: Ramen Burger at Lotteria in Japan

A Hamburger Today Jay Friedman 2 comments

I was lucky enough to be in Tokyo as the promotion started, hitting up a Shinjuku location that offers only 100 burgers per day. (Some shops sell only 50.) I was excited to try this. Ramen and burgers are two of my favorite foods. Combine them, and what could go possibly wrong? More

The 15 Best Things I Ate in Japan

Brian Oh 20 comments

Different kinds of ramen, yakitori, soba, and even a hotdog at an upscale cocktail bar in Ginza. Speaking of ramen...I may have taken a six-hour train ride from Tokyo to visit the original Ippudo. Ramen-loving man right here, what can I say? More

Hakata-Style Yakitori at Tokyo's Hachibei

Jay Friedman Post a comment

Tokyo is loaded with yakitori restaurants, most notably in Yakitori Alley near Shinjuku Station where the smoke-filled, sake and beer-stained holes-in-the-wall rumble with each passing train. Make your way to upscale Roppongi Hills, though, and you'll find an altogether different yakitori experience. More

Nagi Golden Gai in Tokyo: Something Fishy About the Ramen (In A Good Way)

Jay Friedman 1 comment

The Nagi Golden Gai experience is fascinating, from the walk up and down the stairs, to the wait for a call through a tube, to the two types of noodles and the unique broth made with niboshi--dried baby sardines. With just ten counter seats in cramped quarters, you'll be rubbing elbows with your neighbors. More

Navigating Tokyo 'Ramen Street': 8 Great Ramen Stops, All in One Place

Jay Friedman 9 comments

Last year, Tokyo Ramen Street opened in the First Avenue Tokyo Station retail center, which includes about 100 stores and restaurants. Here you'll find eight of Tokyo's finest ramen shops, drawing long lines of adoring Japanese fans, mostly salarymen. For non-Japanese newcomers, there's a mix of mystery and confusion. More

Reality Check: Burger King Japan's Apple-topped Ringo Burger

A Hamburger Today Carl Nordell 13 comments

Japan is a country known for trying out flavor combinations that few others would—tomato-flavored white chocolate, anyone?—so it's no surprise Burger King in Japan released the BK Ringo: a burger with lettuce, honey mustard, mayo, and a slice of apple (ringo in Japanese). The Whopper Jr.-sized burger has been available since March and can be yours for ¥240 (about $3). More

Dear AHT: In-N-Out in Tokyo for a One-day Pop-up Event

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 9 comments

Today In-N-Out held a one-day pop-up event in Tokyo, similar to In-N-Out's previous pop-ups in Shanghai and Sydney. AHT reader Carl Nordell sent us a recap of the event with photos. Thanks, Carl! More

A Ten Course Tempura-Only Meal at Tsunahachi in Tokyo, Japan

J. Kenji López-Alt 13 comments

Tempura Tsunahachi was founded in Tokyo in 1927, the restaurant of chef Kyuzu Shimura. Over the next half decade, it built a reputation for using the freshest possible seasonal ingredients and for hiring chefs with an unparalleled mastery of the art of the battered fry. Great ingredients, clean oil, and highly skilled chefs are still the core concepts of the restaurants, which has now expanded into seven branches. More

Is Din Tai Fung the Gold Standard For Soup Dumplings?

J. Kenji López-Alt 31 comments

What's the longest you've ever waited in line for a dumpling? If you've been to a Din Tai Fung, the Taiwan-based dumpling and noodle chain famous for their xiao long bao (steamed soup-filled dumplings), chances are you've waited at least an hour. Can these soup-filled tiny little buns live up to their reputation? More

Blacows in Tokyo, the Greatest Burger Joint in the World?

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 10 comments

"In my mind, there is no doubt... at this moment, Blacows in Tokyo indeed makes the best burger on the planet," says C. B. Cebulski of Eataku. What's so special about this place? As Cebulski explains in his post, the restaurant is owned by a butcher and they only use Japanese Black Wagyu beef, hence the name Bla(ck)cows. A chalkboard at the restaurant's entrance lists info for the cuts of beef they're using that day: the beef's origin, the number of the cow the cut is from, and the beef's grade. Inside you get a full view of a full-time butcher cutting meat in the section of the kitchen dubbed the Patty Factory. This is some hardcore burger-making. More

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