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Why Toasting Dried Chiles Matters

Serious Heat Andrea Lynn 14 comments

I often take the easy route. Case in point: not toasting my dried chiles before plopping them into a dish. Especially when there are so many other steps to a recipe, does a little toasting really make a difference in an overall dish? I was curious to find out. More

How to Toast Spices

How To Kumiko Mitarai 4 comments

Toasting (or "dry roasting") spices transforms them, drawing out their aromas and adding a mellow, toasty complexity. You can use toasted spices to finish a curry or other spiced dish, adding a final layer of spice and rounding out the dish in much the same way some brown butter or toasted nuts would. They also add a mellow spiciness to baked goods, pickles, dressings, rubs, marinades, sauces, compound butter, or added to your favorite hot beverage. More

Russ and Daughters Will Now Toast Your Bagels

New York Carey Jones Post a comment

[Photo: Robyn Lee] This does qualify as breaking news: venerable smoked fish shop Russ and Daughters, long adherents to a "We Don't Toast" policy, have now gotten a toaster to toast your bagels. Good find from The Feed.... More

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