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Kitchen Hack: Use Your Toaster to Heat Taco Shells

Another one for the "Hey! Why Didn't I Think of That?!?" file. Bike Hugger's DL Byron shares this tip for using your toaster to warm hard taco shells. "Pop them up when they start to sizzle," he says on the site. This would be a great idea for make-your-own taco nights. Simply prep all possible taco fixin's, line them up in serving dishes, and place the toaster at the start of the assembly line. ... Now I wish I would have bought that four-slot toaster I had my eye on. More

British Perfect Toaster with Window

Never burn your toast again — unless you get distracted. [Photograph: Telegraph] After 15 years of toiling, British engineers say they have perfected a toaster with a transparent window through which you can watch your bread toast. The Magimix Vision Toaster, £160 (US$257), uses quartz heating elements at the corners of the toaster that "deflect heat evenly across the bread." According to Magimix managing director Simon Kinder, "People wanted to see their toast going brown while it hovered in front of them so they could toast it to perfection. "Now they can do that and make sure it doesn't come out black or burned to a crisp."... More

Darth Vader Toaster

May the dark parts of the toast be with you. Available at Star Wars Shop for $54.99. [via Wired] Related Online Toaster Museum Scan Toaster 'Prints' onto Bread Photo of the Day: Death Star Melon... More

Scan Toaster 'Prints' onto Bread

Sometimes two slices of toast on a plate can look pretty dull and unappetizing, but imagine if you could jazz up this boring breakfast staple with a cool picture or a sweet note to your significant other—that would be pretty neat, right? The Scan Toaster makes that possible. The toaster, by designer Sung Bae Chang, uses hot wires that rotate within a 30 degree radius to burn the image or text of your choice onto your toast. Since this thing can print literally anything, the possibilities are endless. The toaster is still in the design phase (it was a finalist in the 2008 Electrolux Design Lab competition), but if it ever makes it to a store near me, I'm... More

Nintendo + Toaster = Nintoaster

Some people just have too much time on their hands. They see a toaster and the next thing you know, they're ripping out the guts and filling it with a Nintendo system. The folks over at Engadget spotted this, and even though you can't actually toast bread with it, we have to admit it's pretty darn cool.... More

CrazyPC 5.25-Inch Bay Toaster

We're all familiar with gamers who never leave their computer stations. However, is this new hard drive toaster taking it a bit too far for those gamers who "crave toast"? The toaster fits in a standard 5.25 inch bay on your PC tower, and includes software for adjusting temperature as well as a "crumb tray for easy cleanup". Last I checked, gamers don't eat dry toast. This means you'll still need to trek over to the fridge for some butter or jam. Lucky for you, Mac users, your version is on the way. No word on if you'll be able to attach to your laptop. Oh, and don't forget--bread not included. [via The Presurfer]... More

Online Toaster Museum

Clockwise from top left: Pan Electric's Toastrite; British Diamix's No Type 01; Toast-O-Lator Model C, Glass-Sides; and Daaledrop's KMD 21191. A truly great breakfast takes a spark of inspiration—and what better place to find that inspiration than an online toaster museum, which features porcelain toasters, copper toasters, and one toaster that sold on e-Bay for over $5,000? In case the 189 toasters on the web museum aren't enough, the site also provides links to toaster art and toaster films.... More

The Brave Little Toaster-Nuker LTM9000

If only the late 1980s flick was actually about a courageous electronic kitchen tool with a microwave Siamese twin! Now, that would have been an animated adventure. Twenty years later, we now have a LTM9000 toaster-microwave duo which combines two food heaters that have clearly been flirting from across the countertop. One night, when the kitchen lights were dimmed and nobody was watching, they quit the winky faces and went for it. The married life seems to be treating them well, and could open a whole new world for multi-tasking kitchen appliances. A Cuisinart mixer-cum-pepper grinder? Or lemon zester that opens cans? [Via OhGizmo!] Related Behold the Micro-Microwave Battle of the High-Tech Toasters How to Make Thin Egg Sheets... More

Battle of the High-Tech Toasters

If you're highly particular about the quality of your toast, check out Cool Hunting's Toaster Challenge where they rate four kinds of toasters: Alessi SG68, Viking VT200, Breville Smart Toaster BTA820XL and Krups TT6190. The winner was the Breville Smart Toaster, a toaster so advanced that it's not even on the market yet. When it does, you'll have access to a toaster that features "an LED panel that counts down and also employs a robotic function that slowly submerges the bread into the glowing coils and raises it again after an abbreviated two minutes (at the medium setting) of toasting." Read all the toaster reviews at Cool Hunting. Previously: In Videos: My Incredibly Cool Toaster Turbo Toaster Browns Bread... More

In Videos: My Incredibly Cool Toaster

Does anyone need a toaster with an automatic bread slice descending mechanism and an opening with its own retractable cover? Probably not. But hey, people don't need widescreen flat panel TVs either. And I do have one of those, even though this toaster would probably be more useful. Watch this guy's incredibly cool toaster in action, after the jump.... More

Turbo Toaster Browns Bread in 50 Seconds

It's a prototype, and who knows if it'll ever go into production, but a British tinkerer has introduced jetlike fan technology into the toasting process. He was frustrated with his plodding toaster while making his favorite meal, beans on toast. "The design came out of sheer frustration that by the time the toast is ready, my beans have gone cold," he said. [via Cold Mud]... More

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