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Guest Bartender Video: Make The Curly and The Turk with Christian Sanders from The Tippler, NYC

This drink, from the recently opened New York bar The Tippler, was inspired by Rocket Pops from the ice cream trucks of childhood. Tippling Bros. co-founder Tad Carducci says the challenge was getting the cocktail to taste "something like an actual Rocket Pop, but with sophisticated, complex flavors as well." By layering a refreshing blend of gin, blue curacao, and lemon over a spicy homemade chile-hibiscus syrup, Carducci created a cocktail with great depth of flavor—and a bit of a sense of humor. More

Bar Eats: The Tippler

An ornate yet nondescript door hides the passageway to this cavernous basement bar at the Chelsea Market. The Tippler, owned by Michael Barrett and run by Paul Tanguy and Tad Carducci of the Tippling Bros., is a tad too new to have formed a solid identity yet. Industrial-style furnishings and decorative touches such as antique gold-embroidered books lend to a speakeasy feel, yet the large open space suggests a live music or dance environment. More

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