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Mile End's Chicken Soup with Soup Mandel

Kate Williams 5 comments

Once the calendar flips to September, my mind begins drifting to fall. It matters little what the thermometer reads, the post-Labor Day season is a time for apples, hearty greens, and, of course, chicken soup. For me, the magical elixir cures not only cold symptoms, but back-to-school (or work) jitters as well. In The Mile End Cookbook, Noah and Rae Bernamoff present a simple yet full-bodied and rich take on the classic. More

Mile End's Gribenes and Schmaltz

Serious Eats Kate Williams 1 comment

Schmaltz is a useful cooking fat to keep around the house; for our Cook the Book feature this week, it is used in Soup Mandel and Knishes. Keep the resulting Gribenes (fried chicken skin crackling) for snacks while you're cooking or toss them in a salad. If you don't have extra chicken skin hanging around the kitchen, call a butcher shop ahead of time and have them reserve it for you. More

Mile End's Soup Mandel

Serious Eats Kate Williams Post a comment

Serve these crackers on top of The Mile End Cookbook's Chicken Soup. More

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