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8 Great NYC Haute Dogs Worth The Extra Dough

We've seen our fair share of fancified hot dogs in this city, and frankly a lot of them feature overwrought, baroque toppings with underwhelming sausages. But a few stand apart as well thought-out creations that do right by the noble tubesteak. Which dogs (and dog-like objects) live up to the hype (and are worth the extra cash)? We rounded up some of our favorites. More

Heart of the House: Ben Turley, The Meat Hook

There's no denying that knowing where your food comes from has inserted itself into today's culinary zeitgeist. But according to Ben Turley, one of the trio that opened The Meat Hook in Williamsburg, it's not just trendy to source meat locally; it's economically beneficial for farmers as well. We spoke with Ben over the butcher's block about their unique shop, the sudden popularity of his profession, and the ideal way to cook a sausage. More

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